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The Procurement Services department reports to the Business and Finance unit, a member of the Finance and Administration division.

Procurement Services purchases the supplies, equipment and services which support the University’s mission on a timely and best value basis.

Our goal is to cooperatively develop and execute sourcing strategies with departments that will provide the highest professional standards, services, and practices while providing purchasing tools and programs to make each department more efficient by utilizing all University resources effectively.


Bidding Process

Procurement Services can assist you and your department with all aspects of the Bidding Process including drafting and posting RFP's, providing guidelines on vendor selection and assisting with the award process. Please see the Department Listing below to find the appropriate Buyer to work with

Business Cards

All GVSU Business cards are ordered through Allegra Marketing

Ordering Information

Car Rental

Procurement Services works to provide faculty and staff with excellent discounts on car rentals

Car Rental Discount Codes

Credit Applications

Procurement Services can arrange and fill out any credit applications and/or direct bill applications that are required by suppliers you are working with.

Email all applications to: [email protected] 

Credit Card Program

Procurement Services manages the University's Credit Card Program. Please contact [email protected] or x12280 with any questions.

Program Information | Cardholder Information | Policies & Procedures 


Procurement Services has provided a list and map of area hotels for your convenience. Please note, the university does not endorse nor recommend any hotel listed on this website. They are included on this page as a courtesy and strictly for your convenience. 

For information on hotels with direct bill options please contact Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle x12283 [email protected]

Requisitions & Purchase Orders

Procurement Services process all of the University's requisitions and purchase orders. A requisition is a request from a department to procure goods or services, stating the quantity and description in order to generate a purchase order. The requisition authorizes Procurement Services to reserve departmental funds for goods or services. A purchase order is a document issued to a supplier confirming an agreement for the supply of goods or services and is generated from a requisition.

All purchases being paid with an invoice require a requisition. Requisitions can be created in Workday.

Change Orders can be requested in Workday.

Workday P2P Training & Resources

Requests for Proposals (RFP's)

Procurement Services can assist with:

  • Drafting RFP's
  • Posting RFP's
  • Conducting market research to identify potential bidders
  • Receiving bids
  • Providing guidelines for bid evaluation
  • Supplier negotiations
  • Awarding RFP's

Please see the Department Listing below to identify the appropriate Buyer to work with.

Strategic Sourcing

Procurement Services can assist with identifying potential vendors for goods or services that your department needs to purchase. Please see the Department Listing below to find the appropriate Buyer to work with.

Supplier Relationships

Procurement Services can help facilitate introductions to potential suppliers and foster the relationship through meetings and performance reviews periodically. Please see the Department Listing below to identify the appropriate Buyer to work with.

Surplus Store & Property Disposal

The Surplus Store provides items that have reached the end of their shelf life for sale to the general public and creates an avenue for educating students in the field of business and sustainability practices. Procurement Services is responsible for the disposal of obsolete supplies and equipment and uses the Surplus Store to achieve this mission. 

About the Surplus Store | Property Pickup Form | Hours & Location | Payment | Online Store

Tax Exemption

Procurement Services maintains all of the University documents dealing with tax exemption. GVSU is tax exempt in Michigan as well as other states in the US. To request that Procurement Services obtain tax exemption in a state that is not currently listed, please contact Kip Smalligan [email protected]

List of Tax Exempt States | View Tax Exempt Documents | MI State Sales Tax Exempt Certificate

Ways to Buy

Procurement Services is available to discuss available purchasing methods and recommend the best option for your situation. Please contact us at [email protected] 

Department Listing by Buyer

Department Buyer Buyer Email
Accounting Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Admissions Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Adult & Continuing Studies Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Allied Health Science Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Alumni Relations Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Annis Water Resources Institute Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Anthropology Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Area & Global Studies Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Art & Design Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Art Gallery Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Athletics Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Autism Education Center Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Biology Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Biomedical Sciences Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Business & Finance Office Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Career Services Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Center for Entrepreneurship Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Center for Scholarly & Creative Excellence Aaron Caccamo [email protected] View
Charter Schools Office Aaron Caccamo [email protected] View
Chemistry Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Children's Enrichment Center Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Classics Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Clinical Lab Science Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
College of Community and Public Service Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
College of Education Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
College of Interdisciplinary Studies Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Conference & Event Planning Services Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Counseling Center Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Criminal Justice Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Department of Public Safety Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Diagnostic & Rehab Science Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Disability Support Resources Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Economics Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
English Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Enrollment Development Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Facilities Planning Aaron Caccamo [email protected] View
Facilities Services Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Facilities Services Grand Rapids Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Family-Owned Business Institute Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Finance Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Finance & Administration Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Financial Aid Aaron Caccamo [email protected] View
General Education Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Geography Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Geology Aaron Caccamo [email protected] View
Graduate Studies Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
GVSU Omni Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Health Professions Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
History Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Honor's College Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Hospitality & Tourism Management Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Housing & Residential Life Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Human Resources Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Inclusion and Equity Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Information Technology Aaron Caccamo [email protected] View
Institutional Analysis Aaron Caccamo [email protected] View
Institutional Marketing Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Integrated Science Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Integrative Learning Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
International Relations Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Johnson Center for Philanthropy Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Kirkhof College of Nursing Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
LGBT Resource Center Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Liberal Studies Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Management Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Marketing Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Mathematics Aaron Caccamo [email protected] View
Meadows Golf Course Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Michigan Small Business Development Center (MiSBDC) Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Modern Languages & Literature Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Movement Science Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Multicultural Affairs Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Music, Theater & Dance Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Muskegon Innovation Hub Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Occupational Safety & Health Management Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Occupational Therapy Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Office of Sponsored Programs Aaron Caccamo [email protected] View
Office of Student Life Aaron Caccamo [email protected] View
Office of Sustainability Practices Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Office of the President Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Padnos International Center Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Pew Faculty Teaching & Learning Center Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Philosophy Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Physical Therapy Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Physician Assistant Studies Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Physics Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Political Science Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Provost's Office Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Psychology Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Public & Non-Profit Administration Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Radiologic & Imaging Science Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Records & Registration Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Recreation & Wellness Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Regional Math & Science Center Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
School of Communications Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
School of Computing Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
School of Engineering Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Seidman College of Business Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Simulation Center Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Social Work Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Sociology Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Statistics Aaron Caccamo [email protected] View
Student Academic Success Center Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Student Affairs Aaron Caccamo [email protected] View
Supplemental Writing Skills Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Surplus Store Aaron Caccamo [email protected] View
Telecommunications Aaron Caccamo [email protected] View
Therapeutic Recreation Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
Trio Educational Talent Search Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Trio Upward Bound Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
University Communications Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
University Counsel Aaron Caccamo [email protected] View
University Development Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
University Libraries Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Van Andel Global Trade Center Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Vice Provost for Health Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle [email protected] View
WGVU TV & Radio Aaron Caccamo [email protected] View
Women & Gender Studies Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Women's Center Kip Smalligan [email protected] View
Writing Center Kip Smalligan [email protected] View

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