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Procurement Services Announcements

Procurement Services Newsletter

Procurement Services issues a quarterly newsletter to communicate policy updates and general purchasing information. View the Fall 2021 issue here.


GVSU has a site wide license with Qualtrics. The software is available to all GVSU faculty, staff, and students. You can visit the following link for more information on signing up for an account and utilizing the system. 

Temporary Reimbursement Policy Change

During normal operations, the purchase of printer ink and paper for home use is not reimbursable. For the period of time that GVSU classes are held remotely, an exception to the expense reimbursement policy for the purchase of grading supplies will be provided. Specifically, printer ink and printer paper will now be reimbursable in order to allow for grading and feedback of student work.  Please keep quantities reasonable according to the workload. please use existing GVSU inventory for your paper needs 

For more information, please visit the Travel & Expense FAQ's for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Amazon Business

Procurement Services is excited to announce that GVSU is joining Amazon Business! Please visit our informational website for FAQ's, User Guides, Registration instructions and more!