Pew Excellence Award for Library Faculty (Awarded from 2008-2017)

The Pew Excellence Award for Library Faculty was awarded from 2008 - 2017 and was established to recognize a librarian whose work supports teaching and learning at the university. Below are details about the criteria for the award as well as a description of the supporting materials required for all nominees.  


This award is based on the following criteria. All nominees must meet the first two criteria:

  • Demonstrates current knowledge of library trends and technology
  • Reflects on past practices in order to improve current library practices

In addition, they must demonstrate distinction in at least one of the following areas:

  • Shows evidence of responsible and effective acquisition, collection development, and/or management of resources
  • Demonstrates innovative teaching related to information literacy for students, faculty, staff, or community audiences, in individual, classroom, or in-service venues (includes developing tools)
  • Provides evidence of effective liaisonship with assigned areas (such as departments, colleges, centers or institutes)
  • Provides examples of successful marketing of library resources, tools, and services

If the nomination comes from one of the colleges, it is the responsibility of the college to assemble the material in support of its nomination. If the nomination comes from within the Libraries, it is the responsibility of the chair of the Library Excellence Award Committee to assemble the materials.

Supporting Materials

  • Nomination cover sheet
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Reflective statement describing the nominee's professional philosophy (up to two pages).
  • Other types of evidence such as publications, presentations, learning tools, projects, mentoring provided, teaching skills, or documentation of leadership.
  • Three letters of support from individuals who have knowledge of the nominee’s ability as a librarian and who are not committee members.

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