Liberal Education

A small sampling of resources to learn more about liberal education, including reports, articles, books, and websites.

We welcome your suggestions for additional resources to include on this page. 

Articles and Reports


Copies of these reports, as well as many other related publications, are available for review in the Pew FTLC office. 

Communicating Commitment to Liberal Education: A Self-Study Guide for Institutions, 2006

Faculty Leadership for Integrative Liberal Learning, AAC&U, 2015

Making Progress? What We Know About the Achievement of Liberal Education Outcomes, AAC&U, 2012

America's Unmet Promise: The Imperative for Equity in Higher Education, AAC&U, 2015

Varlotta, L. (2018). Designing a Model for the New Liberal Arts, in Liberal Education, a quarterly publication of AAC&U with issues readily accessible through University Libraries. This particular issue - Fall 2018 - has a theme of Building a New Liberal Education and is filled with many excellent articles.  

Shinn, L. (2014). Liberal Education vs. Professional Education: The False Choice, AGB blog. 

Braun, H. (2019). The Cognitive Outcomes of Liberal Education, Mellon Foundation. 

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Association of American Colleges & Universities 

Wabash National Study of Liberal Arts Education

Liberal Education at GVSU 

  • an overview of what a liberal education means at Grand Valley State University 


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