A strong liberal education serves as the foundation for Grand Valley State University's wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs, fostering critical thinking, creative problem solving, and cultural understanding.


At GVSU learning does beyond the classroom.

Through personalized learning enhanced by active scholarship, in which faculty members contribute to the growth of their fields, stay current in their professions, and enhance student learning in the classroom,

Grand Valley accomplishes its mission of educating students to shape their lives, their professions, and their societies.

GVSU faculty member Thuy Simpson working with students in the GVSU Trade Room.

Grand Valley's liberal education focus prepares students for life in a fast-changing world. It fosters a commitment to economic, social, and environmental sustainability and an inclusive campus that values diversity. Through this forward-thinking education, students are empowered to positively affect the global community now and in the future.

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Grand Valley's students, faculty members, staff members, and alumni are exemplifying the values of liberal education and active scholarship all the time. We call it the Laker Effect. If you have examples, please share your story

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