Faculty/Staff Permits

Register for a Permit

Only active GVSU faculty and staff can receive Faculty/Staff parking permits. Parking permits are only issued to Adjunct Faculty with an active appointment. See Section 2.5 of the Parking Ordinance. To register for a permit please visit the Citizen Connect portal at https://www.tocite.net/gvsu/portal.  

Directions - How To Use Citizen Connect Portal *UPDATED* 8/3/2020 10:15 a.m.

For directions on how to use the Citizen Connect portal, please view this document.

Forget to Switch Your Cling?

Please visit the Citizen Connect Portal and select which vehicle your permit should be associated with for the day.  For directions on how to do this, please review the end of this document. You are only allowed to have one vehicle on campus at any time.



Inviting Guests to Campus?

Faculty/staff can request temporary permits free of charge for up to 9 guests per date requested. Your guest cannot be associated with GVSU in any capacity other than as a guest. This means you cannot request permits for yourself, other faculty or staff, or registered students. Submitting this request is not a guarantee for parking on GVSU properties in specific lots or at specific times. Closures, detours, maintenance, and other events, both university and non-university related, may restrict access to areas normally designated for parking without advance notice. Guests are required to follow the GVSU Traffic & Parking Ordinance and any or all applicable local and state laws while driving and parking any vehicle on campus.