First Year Faculty Mentoring Communities

The Pew FTLC Mentoring Program offers structured meeting opportunities to gather with colleagues and explore the multiple sources of guidance and connection available at GVSU for professional growth and development.  An experienced faculty member serves as a mentor to groups of 6-12 faculty.  Each session centers around a particular topic but the content is flexible and responsive to the group members.  Goals and direction are often quite personal and specific for each person. 

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The following menu of mentoring options is designed in response to requests from across the campus faculty community.

Mentoring Resources

Visit our Mentoring Faculty page for sites, articles and books. 

New Faculty Mentoring Communities

Below is a list of mentoring groups designed specifically for new faculty.  Descriptions of each group can be found further below.  Click the mentoring group name to be brought to that description.

Fall 2018 Mentoring Group

Meeting Day/Time

Location (Campus)

First Year Faculty (Group 1)

Tuesdays, 2pm—3pm

Allendale Campus

First Year Faculty (Group 2)


Pew Grand Rapids Campus

First Year Faculty (Group 3)

Thursdays, 10am-11am

Pew Grand Rapids Campus

First Year Faculty (Group 4)

Wednesdays, 11am—12pm

Allendale Campus



Semesters: Fall or Winter

Meeting Schedule: Six one-hour meetings per semester

Description: The First Year Faculty Mentoring Community is designed to acculturate new faculty to GVSU and to provide robust teaching support and general information on scholarship, service, and career planning to all new faculty. Each session centers around a particular topic but the content is flexible and responsive to the group members. Readings, discussion prompts, and supplemental materials are available on a New Faculty Blackboard site. This mentoring program is meant to complement departmental mentoring.

Through participation in this Mentoring Community, new faculty will:

  • Address first year faculty teaching challenges with evidence-based strategies
  • Gain familiarity with GVSU resources for faculty, students, and families
  • Learn from and with faculty from across disciplines and the university
  • Practice work-life balance approaches known to improve the experiences of new faculty and have lasting impact throughout a faculty career
  • Establish short-term and long-terms professional goals

FYF Topic Overview

  • GVSU resources for faculty - including internal and external funding resources
  • Learner-centered teaching; how student learn
  • Engaging learners with active and collaborative learning
  • Rubrics, formative feedback, and helping students become self-directed learners
  • Leading effective discussions in class and online
  • Faculty roles: teaching, scholarship, and service
  • Educational technologies at GVSU
  • Making sense of student ratings of teaching
  • Library resources and services
  • Personnel portfolios & integrative statements
  • Advising as teaching
  • Career planning and work-life balance

Online registration is now closed.  Please contact us directly at or 616-331-3498 to inquire about joining a Winter 2019 mentoring group.

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