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The New Faculty Institute is designed for new faculty who are relatively new to teaching. The Institute involves a 1.5 day workshop in August and continues through the fall semester. The hands-on workshop focuses on course and syllabus design, first days of class, active learning strategies, interactive videos and syllabi, and key Blackboard functions such as Grade Center and Virtual Office Hours. During the fall semester Faculty Learning Community, participants continue to develop their teaching by participating in a Mid-semester Interview about Teaching (MIT) and/or peer classroom observation and attend one group meeting during the semester.

Bronze Level Criteria

To earn a bronze badge, participate in the August workshop and submit a written reflection about implementation of pedagogical practices learned during the workshop. Review the detailed event schedule here

Silver Level Criteria 

To earn a silver badge, participate fully in both the August workshop and the fall Faculty Learning Community and submit a reflection on the experience.

Gold Level Criteria  

To earn a gold badge, complete the silver badge and then provide evidence of continued implementation or dissemination related to the Institute, either through a development of a new course, invited campus presentation, conference presentation or publication. No deadline.


Dana Munk

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Issued in 2017 & 2018

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