23rd Annual Fall Teaching Conference (Fall 2017)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Eberhard Conference Center, Pew Grand Rapids Campus


Keynote Presentation: Cultivating Learning: Challenges & Solutions to Fostering Lifelong Learning

Dr. Regan A. R. Gurung, Ben J. and Joyce Rosenberg Professor of Human Development and Psychology, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay

Faculty want our students to learn but what exactly is learning and how do we know when it has happened? A vast number of factors influence learning and some are more under our control than others. In this keynote address, Dr. Gurung will present a new model of thinking about learning that can help share how we design classes and provides pragmatic suggestions for how to improve student education.



Pre-Conference Workshop: Using Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to Optimize Teaching and Foster Student Learning

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eberhard Conference Center, Pew Grand Rapids Campus

  • Lunch: noon - 1 p.m.
  • Workshop: 1- 3 p.m.
  • Project Planning and Consultations: 3 - 4 p.m. 

We are delighted that Dr. Gurung will facilitate this special pre-conference workshop opportunity. Scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) involves reflecting on one's class and making intentional, systematic changes to one's teaching, then assessing the effects of those changes on student learning. In this interactive workshop, he will first outline the methodology of SoTL, then provide some exemplars or SoTL that attendees can use to modify their classes, and finally set the stage for interested parties to conduct SoTL themselves.

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Dr. Regan A. R. Gurung is the Ben J. and Joyce Rosenberg Professor of Human Development and Psychology at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. Born and raised in Bombay, India, he received his Ph.D. in social and personality psychology at the University of Washington (WA). 

He has authored books and textbooks including, An evidence-based guide to college and university teaching: Model teaching competencies (Boysen & Gurung, 2016), Exploring signature pedagogies: Approaches to teaching disciplinary habits of mind (Gurung, Chick, & Haynie, 2009), Health psychology: A cultural approach (Gurung, 2014), Getting culture: Incorporating diversity across the curriculum (Gurung & Prieto, 2009), and published articles in a variety of scholarly journals including Psychological Review and Teaching of Psychology

He was Co-Director of the University of Wisconsin System Teaching Scholars Program, has been a UWGB Teaching Fellow, a UW System Teaching Scholar, and received numerous awards including the American Psychological Foundation Charles L. Brewer Distinguished Teaching of Psychology Award, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Wisconsin Professor of the Year, and the Regents Teaching Excellence Award, University of Wisconsin System. He has organized statewide and national teaching conferences, served as President of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (Division 2 of the American Psychological Association), and is the founding Co-Editor of APA's journal SoTL in Psychology

As he states on his blog, The Pedagogical Pundit, he seeks to: (a) help teachers be the best teachers they can be, (b) help students be the best learners they can be, and (c) energize robust, sound, useful, scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). Learn more via his blog (PedagogicalPundit.com), website (https://www.uwgb.edu/gurungr/) or Twitter (@ReganARGurung). 


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