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Spring/Summer writing center hours

Writing Center services are available in-person and virtually during all hours

The Writing Center is excited to work in-person and virtually with your students. Additionally, we are happy to schedule a writing consultant to come to your class and do a 10-minute presentation on Writing Center series and how to access them. Please contact Lisa Gullo ( if you would like to schedule a virtual or in-person classroom presentation. We also have a video walkthrough of our typical academic year information available here - Winter 2022 - Slideshow on Writing Center services

Winter 2022 Writing Center services presentation

Video describing writing center services for Winter 2022

This is our asynchronous in-class presentation on Writing Center services (Winter 2022). 

Quick Links for Teachers

  • Want to include Writing Center information on your syllabus? We provide examples of a syllabus blurb about writing center support.
  • For more information, feel free to visit the SWS Website, as well.
  • The mission of the Writing Center is to meet not only the needs of students, but those of all writers across the university. In order to attract a strong community of faculty/staff writers, we offer a number of services for use in their classrooms and with their own writing.


  • Click the link to view our Scholarly Writing Initiatives for Faculty & Staff flier. This will provide more details on ways in which the Writing Center aims to support Faculty/Staff writers at GVSU. Feel free to print a copy for your office, a colleague, or save it to your computer for future reference. 

For Teaching Writing in Your Class

Part of the writing experience is understanding the context within which we compose -- who is this for? Why did I write this? What purpose does it serve? This sort of investigation can make a paper more enjoyable to write and easier to read. Use the postcard below to coach your students through this process (metacognition). 

In collaboration with Writing Across the Curriculum, the Writing Center has drafted a helpful resource regarding "the Communication Triangle" (often referred to as "the Rhetorical Triangle"). By using this post-card, writers can have a helpful guided experience with the following:

  • Writing for a reader
  • Writing within a context
  • Writing with a purpose
  • Reading any genre
  • Reading new information
  • Picking topics
Communication Triangle Side 1

For more information about ways in which writers exist in a communication context, consider viewing our helpful handouts; there, you can find information about audience expectations, language and jargon, genre facts, and much more!

Communication Triangle Side 2

As part of a collaborative effort between the writing center and the SWS Director, you now have three useful instructional videos -- they can be used to better support you in your own writing process and teaching of writing OR they can be used to coach your class through any of these topics and challenges of the writing process. 

Teaching Writing Video Tutorials

Here are some great videos that provide tips, tricks, and theory regarding the best practices in the teaching of writing.

Discourse Communities

Communication Triangle

Writing as Process

Discourse Communities Image

SWS Fellows Program

The SWS Fellows program is an enhanced version of the classroom support normally offered to instructors through the writing center. The Fellows program involves working with a dedicated group of 5-6 writing consultants to provide enhanced writing support for students and faculty, including:


  • Multiple in-class workshops with a dedicated group of highly-trained writing consultants
  • Meetings between consultants and faculty outside of class to discuss upcoming assignments, plan workshops, and share feedback
  • Additional in-class workshops available all semester long
  • Opportunities to reflect on activities and assignments with consultants, as well as SWS and writing center administration.


Due to the scheduling limitations within the writing center, the SWS Fellows program is only available in two courses each semester. Interested faculty are encouraged to apply and participants are selected based on a variety of features (approach to writing instruction, previous use of consultants, strength of application, etc). 


Faculty who are interested in becoming an SWS fellow should submit this SWS Fellows Application form or contact the Writing Center Director ( 




Have other questions? Stop in and visit! Or call us at 331-2922.

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