Consultation Options

This page highlights the many different ways the Writing Center can help you.

How Can I Meet with a Consultant?


Writing Consultants are trained to facilitate conversation about your writing at any stage of the process.

Here are just some ways consultants can assist:

  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Organizing content
  • Proofreading drafts
  • Argumentation
  • Storytelling
  • "Talking it out"
  • Formatting concerns
  • Proper citation

You can either Drop-In at any of our locations during business hours, or you can schedule an Appointment ahead of time. 

In Class

Consultants are trained to be able to support writers in classroom settings.

Classrooms use consultants in these ways & more:

  • One-on-one conversation & Small group settings
    • Time management skills
    • Brainstorming topics
    • Proofreading
    • Citation support
    • Research strategies


We understand that technology demands adaptability and the Writing Center aims to provide services that meet the needs of all students, staff, and faculty at GVSU. As such, the Writing Center offers a variety of online options, in addition to face-to-face locations. 

Google Doc Consultations are available to all GVSU students and recreates the face-to-face consultation online. Students can receive feedback from a consultant via Google Docs by sharing drafts with This will allow synchronous feedback with a consultant through the Google Docs chat feature and document sharing abilities. We provide this service on Mondays-Wednesdays @ 8pm-10pmClick here if you have questions about accessing Google Docs

Email consultations are available for students who don't have access to face-to-face services, which include students taking online classes, students from Traverse City, Holland, or Muskegon campuses, study abroad students, and graduate students. Students who are taking hybrid courses, which have online and face-to-face coursework, should contact the writing center about access. All students are limited to one email submission at a time. Please allow 72 hours for responses.

Click here for more information about email consultations

What Qualifies for a Consultation?

Feel free to get a consultation with a Writing Consultant if you...

What could this look like?

are writing, plan on writing, or have just finished a draft of writing.

Organizing content, improving clarity, brainstorming topics, conducting research, polishing mechanics and syntactic grammar, etc. 

are an expert writer, experienced, inexperienced, or unsure of where you stand as a writer. 

Consultants are here to be a peer for you to talk to, whether that means sharing in your expertise and offering another perspective or sharing wisdom and advice for becoming an expert writer. 

speak English as your native language or are learning English as an additional language. 

All consultants receive training in effectively supporting multi-lingual writers with their experience in writing in English at an academic level. 

are writing a term paper, a novel, a letter home to your family, or a resume for a potential job.

All consultants receive training in multiple writing-genres, and they regularly update our many helpful handouts on all kinds of writing-related issues, concerns, and topics. 


Click here to find out what a typical one-on-one consultation is like. 



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