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Listed below are our writing center's helpful handouts on general writing issues, concerns, or strategies. We dedicate a lot of time and energy into keeping these updated, relevant, and helpful as often as we can - therefore, there may be changes or additions to your favorite handouts! Check them out, and enjoy. Feel free to:

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If you see one with an * next to its title, that means the handout is available as a multi-modal handout (it could have a comic, be an illustrated form, or be graphically communicative in another way). 

Form: Genre & Parts of Papers

These handouts will address questions regarding the content expected in certain genres (resumes, narratives, etc.) and what components must/should be included (titles, headings, etc.). 

Abstracts *

Argumentative Papers: Persuading Your Reader *

Biology Lab Reports

Descriptive Writing: Showing vs. Telling

Essay Tests, Tips for Taking


Introductions & Conclusions *

Narratives-General *

Response Papers

Speech Language Pathology - Personal Statement

Team Writing

Thesis Statement  *


Transitions *

Writing a Review Essay

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Style: Citations & Formatting

These handouts will help you compose/convert your paper into a designated style (APA, MLA, & Chicago).

A Guide to APA Formatting

A Quick Guide to APA Citations

A Quick Guide to Chicago Style - 16th Edition

A Quick Guide to Chicago Style - 17th Edition **COMING SOON**

A Quick Guide to MLA Style - 8th Edition

Formatting Different Page Numbers by Section in Word

Process: What To Know

These handouts can help you at any stage of the writing process, but they focus mainly on how you can prepare for writing (pre-writing support). 

The Communication Triangle (Comes with Video)

Brainstorming Tips *

A Guide to Writing Terminology

Managing Your Life / Time Management

Overcoming Writer's Block

Reading Effectively for the Sciences

Reading Strategy: SQ3R*

Showing v. Telling* (Comic story connected to The Narrative: Writing About Yourself comic)

Using Sources Effectively









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