Recommending Students to Be Consultants

Each winter, we hire writing consultants for the following academic year. The best consultants are good writers themselves, flexible, good-natured, and interested in working with others. If you would like to recommend that the Center consider one of your students to become a consultant, please send a brief email to Lisa Gullo, the writing center's office coordinator, that includes:


  • The student's full name
  • The reason(s) why you think the student would make an excellent Writing Consultant
  • The course number and section in which you've taught the student


When we receive referrals, we add the student's name to a list of potential applicants. In February, we notify all the students on that list that they've been recommended to be Writing Consultants and invite them to apply for a position. The application process includes filling out a lengthy written application, participating in an interview, and submitting writing samples.




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Page last modified August 12, 2016