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Writing in College: We are here for you

Writing in Graduate School can pose unique challenges - that's why we're here to help you wherever you are. We're here to assist you with any writing project, at any stage of your writing process from brainstorming, to final edits and citations, and anything in between.

Read on to see what specific services we offer to help Graduate Students and where you can go for additional writing resources and information. You are also welcome to submit a request for information or sign up for a writing support program via our Graduate Writing Support Sign-up Form.

We look forward to working with you!


Our consultants are here and ready to work with you. As a Graduate Student, the Writing Center is flexible in that we have multiple consultation types, styles, locations, and resources to help support you as you work on your project. Have any specific concerns? Contact us!


Not only does the Writing Center have multiple styles and types of consultations, but each of our consultants is highly trained and able to adapt to your needs during your writing consultation. Each session is different - help us make yours tailored to your needs and style.


The Writing Center has a wide range of open hours and is available through phone, email, and our scheduling software Book It. Whether it be for a consultation or a quick question, drop-in to see us and our consultants will be there and ready to help! 

How can we help you?

  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Deciphering assignments
  • Crafting arguments 
  • Incorporating audience
  • Outlining and planning
  • Writing in a variety of genres
  • Drafting your paper
  • Collaborating with other writers
  • Processing feedback
  • Citing sources effectively
  • Supporting ideas with evidence

Services Specific to Graduate Students


In order to help meet graduate students where they are, we have in-person consultations available both on the Allendale campus in LOH 120 and the Mary Idema Pew Knowledge Market, as well as on the Downtown campus within the Steelcase Knowledge Market (DeVos Building A). Each location also has a variety of helpful resources on hand, and writing consultants that are ready to help you achieve your writing goals!

Additionally, as a graduate student, you have access to both 30 minute drop-in consultations and either a 30 or 50 minute appointment at all of our in-person locations. To schedule appointments, please visit our scheduling software Book It. For help with any questions or to learn more about our Graduate Initiatives, contact us!


We know writers are busy; the Writing Center, therefore, maintains a virtual presence for writers everywhere. Use the Writing Center online through:

  • Drop-ins: log into Book It today and select "Virtual Drop In" to have a 30-minute writing consultation. This service operates as first-come-first-serve; however, you are able to drop-in during all of our open hours.
  • Appointments: log into Book It to schedule an appointment for a writing consultation at a time tailored to your availability. At the time of your appointment, simply log back into Book It, check in, and your consultant will be ready and waiting to help you for your 30 or 50 minute session. 


Unable to meet one-to-one with a consultant? The Writing Center offers an Email Consultation service that allows you to submit a draft of your project through Book It, and within 72 hours of submission, you will receive your project back with embedded feedback from one of our trained peer writing consultants.

As a graduate student, you automatically have access to our Email Consultation service. If you do not have Email Consultation access in your Book It profile, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Patrick Johnson, Writing Center Director ([email protected]).

Visit our page on Email Consultations to learn more!

Events and Programs

Graduate Writing Groups
Graduate Writing Retreats
Thesis Boost

Graduate Writing Groups

Looking for additional, community-focused graduate writing support? Join a Writing Group! Our Grad Writing Groups are bi-weekly meetings where you have the chance to meet with a dedicated group of fellow graduate students to practice providing feedback, make progress on writing goals, and talk about all things writing! Topics for each meeting are set by the group and the joining Writing Consultant in order to help make personalized progress on the group's writing goals.

Visit our Graduate Writing Support Google Form to sign-up today, or reach out to Meredith Fedewa, Writing Center Assistant Director, to learn more.

Writing Retreats

Join us for a writing retreat! This event is designed for graduate students to have dedicated time to work on their writing projects. Each day consists of goal setting in the morning, individual writing time, and end-of-day reflection time. Writing consultants will be on hand to help provide feedback on writing samples or to help assist at any stage of the writing process. Coffee and snacks will also be provided.

Our next available Graduate Writing Retreat is: Fall 2024! Please reach out to Meredith Fedewa, Writing Center Assistant Director, ([email protected]) for help with any questions.

Thesis Boost

A two-day intensive writing bootcamp for graduate students! At this event, participants will have not only writing consultants available as well as opportunities for goal setting, individual writing time, and reflection time, but also a variety of programming across all two days. These programs consist of writing workshops where participants can have open discussions on a variety of topics such as writing conventions, as well as broader process-based topics including project management, procrastination, and writing anxiety. This bootcamp includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and coffee, and is a fantastic way to learn about one's writing process in addition to having time to write with on-site writing support.

Our next available Thesis Boost is: Winter 2025. Visit our Thesis Boost webpage for more information!

Additional Resources

Graduate School Support Page

Looking for additional writing resources, information on dissertations, or examples of projects? Click on the image to the left to be taken to the Graduate School Writing Resources Support page for additional help and information!




Have other questions? Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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