Online Services

We understand that technology demands adaptability. The Writing Center, therefore, aims to be where you are, whenever you need us, in the best ways we can.

Below are a variety of ways in which the Writing Center can assist you as a writer in the world of advanced technology - whether that means you're a student taking online classes, a tech-savvy writer who prefers the computer to the pen, or a private learner who'd rather learn on your own than in a crowd. 

How We Help Online

Google Docs Service

If you're looking for collaborative same-time support from one of our highly trained consultants, consider using our Google Doc service. Instead of meeting with a consultant at one of our physical locations, you can "meet" with a consultant online by sharing your writing with during our open hours (Monday-Wednesday evenings). Click HERE for our hours for Google Doc Support. This service provides students with...

  • Collaborative help - you work with a consultant at the same time
  • Crisis support - if you've got an immediate concern, a consultant is there to help you
  • Online links and resources - consultants can directly link you to helpful internet sources

Click HERE for a step-by-step in uploading files to Google Docs.

Email Service

Email consultations, unlike all of our other services, are not synchronous; meaning, writers are asked to submit their papers using our web form. Consultants are, then, given 72 hours to respond with feedback, and the papers are returned to the student with written feedback based on areas of concern highlighted by the writer or based on areas noticed by the consultant during their 1 hour of review/reading time.

For more information about email consultations, click the pic!

To access the web form, click the pic below!

If you've met the necessary EMAIL QUALIFICATIONS and are interested in receiving this support, click the pic below to access our web form -- where you can provide your specific eligibility, information about your work, and areas of concern. Please allow for 72 hours for feedback. 

More Virtual Resources

Here are other helpful online resources, either produced by the Writing Center or from other hosts. Please click the pics to learn more!




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