Online Writing Support

  • Email consultations are available for graduate students and students taking online or hybrid classes. Click on the link to be taken to the web form. Please allow 72 hours for responses.
  • Google Doc Consultations are available to all GVSU students and recreates the face-to-face consultation online. You must be logged in to Google and present in order to receive help. Share your document with Once we receive the invitation to view your document, a consultant will alert you through the Chat feature. Click the link for additional details. This service is available Monday-Wednesday 8pm-12am.
  • Handouts, for easy-to-understand explanations of punctuation marks, style guides, and writing techniques to help you revise and proofread your work effectively.
  • Links to web sites that can help you write specific kinds of documents (business letters, for example), document sources effectively according to various style guides, or better understand punctuation and grammar rules.

Page last modified February 15, 2016