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We understand that technology demands adaptability. The Writing Center, therefore, aims to be where you are, whenever you need us, in the best ways we can.

Below are a variety of ways in which the Writing Center can assist you as a writer in the world of advanced technology - whether that means you're a student taking online classes, a tech-savvy writer who prefers the computer to the pen, or a private learner who'd rather learn on your own than in a crowd. 

Having an Online Consultation

We have multiple online service options to help meet your needs and preferences, all of which can be explored by browsing through our available online services and contacting us if you have any specific questions or concerns.

To the right, we have a few notes on some commonly asked questions, as well as some additional resources that may be helpful to you and your project.

We look forward to working with you!

Yes! Our writing consultants are adaptable and do their best to help you in whatever way works best for you; however, all online services require you to participate in the consultation. 

Our synchronous consultation options, drop-ins and appointments, require you to chat with the consultant in real time through Google Meet or Google Docs. 

Our asynchronous consultation option, Email, requires you to submit your project and additional information into Book It. Feedback will then be returned to you within 72 hours. If you submit a project through Book It while the Writing Center is closed, the 72 hour window will begin once all of our services open on the next scheduled day.

Our new system requires permission to access our email service, so please fill out an Additional Services Request form or contact Patrick Johnson ([email protected]) if you need access.  

If you share a Google Doc, your consultant will reach out through the chat feature of Google Docs to help direct you to our scheduling system, Book It. Once you are logged in and in the drop-in queue, the consultant can begin your consultation and will ask you questions to learn more about your paper and what aspects you want to work on. 

Your writing consultant will also share a Google Meet link in case you would like to speak directly to your consultant through the use of audio and/or video.

Unsure how to share a document in Google Docs? Our guide may be able to help!

When it is time to begin your scheduled session, log into Book It to check in to your consultation. Make sure to periodically refresh your webpage in order to see appointment status updates! Once your consultant is ready, an "Enter Appointment" Button will appear on your "My Appointments" page. Next, click the "Enter Appointment" button and you will be linked to a Google Meet room. 

The Google Meet link will allow you to meet with your consultant face-to-face in a video chat room so that you can begin working on and discussing what you would like to cover in the consultation.

Unsure about the use of audio and/or video in a consultation? Talk to your writing consultant at the beginning of your consultation to share any concerns, and ask about the benefits of using Google Meet during your writing consultation. Our writing consultants can adapt to your needs; this can include using only the audio feature of Google Meet, or communicating through only the Google Docs chat feature.

If you are having trouble sharing a Google Doc for an appointment, joining in a Google Meet room, or are having issues with audio and video, don't worry! Your writing consultant will reach out to you through your GVSU student email to help troubleshoot. 

Here are a few places you can reach out to in order to help get questions answered:

  • Did your internet stall in the middle of a consultation? Email your consultant at [email protected] once you're back up and running to let them know what happened
  • For any quick Knowledge Market questions, visit the Virtual Knowledge Market front door and talk to the receptionist
  • Have a specific question about the Writing Center or our services? Email Patrick Johnson, Writing Center Director ([email protected]) and they will reach out to you shortly
  • For any technology questions or issues with your GVSU student email account, the IT Service Desk ([email protected]) may be able to help

Our Online Services

Virtual Knowledge Market

The Writing Center will be accessible virtually during all hours of operation. All GVSU students will be able to connect via Google Meet & Google Docs to work in real time with a consultant on any type of writing or project. In addition to writing support, the Speech Lab, Research Center, and Digital Creator Lab are also accessible online as part of the Virtual Knowledge Market, meaning that all GVSU students will have virtual access to the full range of Knowledge Market services. 

To learn more, you can visit the Knowledge Market website, or speak directly to a receptionist through clicking the image on the right.   

Email Service

Email consultations, unlike all of our other services, are not synchronous; meaning, writers are asked to submit their papers using our scheduling software, Book It. Consultants are then given 72 hours to respond with feedback, and the paper is returned to the student with written feedback based on areas of concern highlighted by the writer or based on areas noticed by the consultant during their 1 hour of review/reading time. You are able to submit and have up to two separate documents in the email consultation queue at one time. Log into Book It to submit your project and get started!

For more information about email consultations, click the pic!

Our previous email portal is closed, please fill out an Additional Services Request form or contact Patrick Johnson, Writing Center Director ([email protected]) regarding access to email support in Book It.

More Virtual Resources

What to Expect
Online Consultations

Curious what to expect when it comes to face-to-face and online consultations? Visit our how to prepare page to learn more about what an online consultation looks like.

Writing Resources
Videos, Handouts and More

Visit our collection of writing resources for help ranging from the writing process, to grammar, citations, formatting, and more! Our writing resources come in a variety of formats including videos, handouts, and illustrations to support a variety of learning styles. Can't find what you're looking for? Visit the resource market for additional self-guided support, or contact us!

The Resource Market
Self-Guided Support

The Resource Market is part of Virtual Knowledge Market services and brings together resources from the Research Center, Speech Lab, Digital Creator Lab, and Writing Center to provide a wide range of self-guided support. The search bar auto populates with ideas based on your search terms, and resources are designed to be easy to find and use. 





Have other questions? Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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