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We understand that technology demands adaptability. The Writing Center, therefore, aims to be where you are, whenever you need us, in the best ways we can.

Below are a variety of ways in which the Writing Center can assist you as a writer in the world of advanced technology - whether that means you're a student taking online classes, a tech-savvy writer who prefers the computer to the pen, or a private learner who'd rather learn on your own than in a crowd. 

Due to COVID-19, we will only be offering the online services seen below. For help on any specific questions and concerns, please email Patrick Johnson, Writing Center Director (

Introducing Book It

Introducing our new scheduling software - Book It!

Book It is a scheduling program that allows for easy access to all Knowledge Market services as well as the writing center's email consultation service. This software allows for all of your appointment scheduling, drop-ins, consultation history, and session notes across all Writing, Research, and Speech peer tutoring services to be conveniently located in one place.

Book It allows for you to not only schedule in-person and virtual appointments and have virtual drop-in consultations, but you can easily meet with your consultant at the beginning of your session through simply clicking the "Enter Appointment" button in your Book It account. 

Click the Book It button on the right to explore your personalized account and meet with a consultant today!

The Features of Book It

For more information about some of the tools and features that Book It and consultations will utilize, browse through the tabs below or contact us for help with any specific questions and concerns.

One of the G-Suite applications used within writing consultations is Google Docs. This feature allows for you to share a document with your writing consultant at the beginning of your session through Google Meet's chat feature. 

Google Docs also allows for:

  • Collaborative help - you work with a consultant at the same time
  • Crisis support - if you've got an immediate concern, a consultant is there to help you
  • Online links and resources - consultants can directly link you to helpful internet sources

Not sure how to share a document with us through Google Docs? Browse through our visual guide and work with a writing consultant today!

Another G-Suite application used in Virtual Knowledge Market and writing consultations is Google Meet. 

Google Meet is web conferencing application that allows you to speak with your consultant face-to-face through utilizing audio and video capabilities. Google Meet also allows for additional interaction through the chat feature, screen sharing, and closed captioning. 

Your consultation will begin with a link to a Google Meet Room where your consultant will be waiting and ready to work with you!

Unsure about using Google Meet in your consultation? Talk to your consultant about the benefits and how you could see it being used in your consultation!

One unique feature of Book It is its one-stop-shop approach to drop-ins and appointments. 

Through Book It, you are able to do a virtual drop-in writing consultation and appointment all within the system. Once you check-in, a consultant will prepare a Google Meet Room link and you can access the link at the beginning of your consultation. 

Book It also allows for scheduling in-person appointments and dropping in at physical writing center locations. While the writing center will not be holding consultations in person due to COVID-19, you are still able to meet with a consultant through a virtual drop-in or appointment. 

Visit our COVID-19 page to learn about the safety precautions and procedures we have put in place to ensure staff and student safety.

Through the use of BookIt, you have access to appointments and drop-ins through the Virtual Knowledge Market. During your consultation, you have access to the following services:

  • Library Research Center: Peer consulting service focused on brainstorming, navigating library databases, reviewing credibility of sources, and citations
  • Speech Lab: Peer consulting service focused on collaboration in selecting topics, organizing presentations, and practicing delivery

These services have peer consultants that also allow for drop-ins and appointments, or they can be brought in to your writing consultation for a collaborative session. Ask your consultant today about integrating peer consultants, or visit the Virtual Knowledge Market front door for help with questions and setting up an appointment!

Our Online Services

Virtual Knowledge Market

The Writing Center will be accessible virtually during all hours of operation. All GVSU students will be able to connect via Google Meet & Google Docs to work in real time with a consultant on any type of writing or project. In addition to writing support, the Speech Lab and Research Center are also accessible online as part of the Virtual Knowledge Market, meaning that all GVSU students will have virtual access to the full range of Knowledge Market services. 

To learn more, you can visit the Virtual Knowledge Market website, or speak directly to a receptionist through clicking the image on the right.   

Email Service

Email consultations, unlike all of our other services, are not synchronous; meaning, writers are asked to submit their papers using our new scheduling software, Book It. Consultants are then given 72 hours to respond with feedback, and the paper is returned to the student with written feedback based on areas of concern highlighted by the writer or based on areas noticed by the consultant during their 1 hour of review/reading time. We ask that you submit one project or draft at a time; once you receive feedback, you are more than welcome to submit another assignment. Log into Book It to submit your project and get started!

For more information about email consultations, click the pic!

Our previous email portal is closed, please fill out an Additional Services Request form or contact Patrick Johnson, Writing Center Director ( regarding access to email support in Book It.

More Virtual Resources

What to Expect?
What to Expect?
Online Consultations

Curious what to expect when it comes to face-to-face and online consultations? Visit our how to prepare page to learn more, or visit our homepage for some frequently asked questions about what an online consultation looks like.

Writing Resources
Writing Resources
Videos, Handouts and More

Looking for a quick reference sheet or a handout on how to create citations? Visit our collection of writing resources for help ranging from the writing process, to grammar, citations, formatting, and more! Our writing resources come in a variety of formats including videos, handouts, and illustrations to support a variety of learning styles. Can't find what you're looking for? Visit the resource market for additional self-guided support, or contact us!

The Resource Market
The Resource Market
Self-Guided Support

The Resource Market is part of Virtual Knowledge Market services and brings together resources from the Research Center, Speech Lab, and Writing Center to provide a wide range of self-guided support. The search bar auto populates with ideas based on your search terms, and resources are designed to be easy to find and use. 





Have other questions? Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!