Resources on the Teaching of Writing

GVSU's Supplemental Writing Skills Program website, which includes activities & assignments devised by faculty across the university.

The Pew Faculty Teaching & Learning Center at GVSU maintains a helpful list of links to strategies for integrating writing into your classes--no matter the size or discipline.

The GVSU Libraries' Research Guidance Rubric, which helps faculty to design effective research assignments.

The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Clearinghouse includes information about best practices in WAC and WID (writing in the disciplines), including a number of writing assignments and strategies for responding to and grading student writing. "An Introduction to WAC," located under Resources, is a good starting point for thinking about how to integrate writing into your course.

The Cultural Perspectives on Plagiarism website at the Washington State University, which describes the many reasons why students--particularly those from cultures outside the U.S.--might struggle to understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.

Understanding Common Knowledge and how applies to citation, research, and plagiarism. 

Research and Documentation Online, which includes updated information about preparing manuscripts and citing sources correctly in APA, MLA, Chicago, and CSE formats. Also includes sample student papers to demonstrate proper manuscript formatting and source citation




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