Encouraging Students to Use the Writing Center

The center strives to be a useful resource for your students. We want students to think of us as a place where they can come for all kinds of writing support, whether it be brainstorming ideas for an assignment, getting started writing, revising a paper for better focus or to better suit an academic audience, avoiding plagiarism when incorporating research, documenting sources according to a particular style guide (such as MLA, APA, Chicago Style, or CBE), or polishing their writing.


The writing center prefers that you encourage students to visit the center rather than require them, which we do for both logistic and pedagogical reasons. You can help students you refer to the writing center get the most from their work with a writing consultant by:

  • Encouraging them to bring your written assignment sheet and any grading rubrics with them to their writing consultation. That way, the writing consultant knows your expectations for the student's writing and can glean the purpose and goal of the writing assignment.
  • Letting your student know what areas of his or her writing you are most concerned about, so that the student and consultant focus their time together on those issues.


There are a number of other ways you might publicize the Center's services to your students:

  • Invite an experienced writing consultant into your classroom to give a 10-15 minute presentation with PowerPoint slides and handouts, which gives students an overview of our services. See Support for Writing Instruction for more details.
  • Include on your syllabus a blurb about the Center's services and our walk-in hours at all three locations; the blurb is available here.
  • Give your students a handout about the Center's services. You may request that the Center send you the number of copies you need by contacting Lisa Gullo, the Center's Office Coordinator, at 331-2922 or [email protected].


Page last modified August 12, 2016