Sustainability Related Courses

Only want to take one class with a focus on sustainability rather than a minor or major? You can still take a variety of courses within the curriculum that also count towards General Education Credit, Issues credit, or may be required within your major.

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Integrated Sustainability

GPY/PA 209 Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning 

IDS 180 Sustainability as a Lifestyle 

SOC 280 Social Problems

ANT 340 Culture and Environment

SOC 385 Social Class Inequality

SS 384 Social Inequalities

SW 300 Pluralism in American Society

BIO 105 Environmental Science

BIO 338 Environmental Ethics

ECO 345 Environmental and Resource Economics

ECO 210 Introductory Macroeconomics

MGT 339 Business and Society

MGT 340 Business, Social Change and Ethics

GPY412 Global Environmental Change

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