About Us

Our Office

The purpose of the Office of Sustainability Practices is to provide the necessary skills, analytical tools, and resources to address global, national, regional, and local sustainability issues. We offer courses, programs, internships, and project activities that promote awareness about sustainable development and how sustainability best practices can be applied to gain progress against these ongoing issues. 
The Sustainable Community Development Initiative was established in 2005 as part of the Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies. In 2015, it became the Office of Sustainability Practices. Our main office is located at 260 Lake Michigan Hall on the Allendale Campus. If you are seeking more information or have any inquires into our projects, events, or activities, please send us an email at sustainability@gvsu.edu

Our Purpose

To provide the necessary skills, processes, tools, and resources to address global, national, regional, and local sustainability issues through curriculum, activities, internships, and service learning projects that promote awareness and improve performance through the application of sustainable development best practices. 

Our Mission

To provide Grand Valley administration, faculty, staff, students, and community stakeholders with the required skills and capabilities to become better stewards and responsible global citizens in the workforce, communities, and family life.

Our Vision

Sustainability is accepted and valued as having an integral role in fulfilling the mission of the university. This systems integration of sustainability builds the capacity to positively impact sustainability issues across complex and interrelated economic, environmental, and social frameworks.

The Crew

ribbon cutting at the demo garden

Yumiko Jakobcic
Director, Office of Sustainability Practices 
Phone: (616) 331-8729 
Office: 264 LMH

Michael Hinkle
Farm Manager & Educator
Phone: (616)331-7366
Office: 261 LMH

Troy VanKoevering
Office Coordinator
Phone: (616) 331-7366
Office: 260 LMH

Hannah Carson
Web Editor & Office Assistant 
Phone: (616) 331-7366
Office: 260 LMH

Kathryn Carey
Graduate Assistant
Phone: (616) 331-7366
Office: 260 LMH