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Student wins award for graffiti in Grand Rapids research

Student wins award for graffiti in Grand Rapids research

Alyson Mabie, Geography and Planning major, presented her paper, “Claiming Turf: The Spatial Distribution of Th... more


Why Geography? Why Planning?

I focused on geospatial technologies. I was accepted into graduate school and have a paid research assistantship.
- Aaron Kates, 2011 graduate


The Geography and Planning curriculum at GVSU integrates the natural and social sciences and geospatial technologies and offers students strong analytical and problem solving skills. Geography and Planning areas offer a wide range of opportunities to people with various interests and talents focusing on finding real solutions to complex environmental, economic and social problems and issues (such as food and water security, sustainable economic growth, environmental justice, climate change adaptations, etc.). Geographers and planners use many tools and techniques in their work, and geographic technologies are increasingly important for understanding our complex world. They include Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and computer cartography.

Our flexible interdisciplinary programs provide courses of study focused on the environment and sustainable development, urban and regional planning, geospatial technologies (cartography, satellite remote sensing, and GIS), and global and regional analysis.

The Geography and Planning Department offers the following programs:

- A major in Geography (B.S. and B.A.)  with flexible concentrations in environmental geography, urban planning, geospatial technologies, and regional analysis.

- A minor in Urban and Regional Planning 

- A minor in Geographical Techniques (GIS and remote sensing)

- A minor in  geography - teacher certification 

- A certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology 

- A certificate in Sustainable Urban and Regional Planning 

Geographers and Planners play an active role in building sustainable futures, solving complex social, economic, environmental, and technological problems. It is not surprising that today geospatial technology is one of the fastest growing job markets in the United States and in the World.

Explore these links from the Association of American Geography and American Planning Association to review sample job titles associated with specific subfields within geography and planning

To learn more about job titles of interest, visit the AAG Salary and Data Trends page.

Study abroad in the Netherlands with The Geography and Planning Department! Click here for more details! 

GVSU students and Assistant Professor Dr. Patricia Houser talk about the study of Geography and Planning. Listen to WGVU here!

On October 31, 2014: 36 students came to GVSU for the annual GIS Day. Here are some pictures from the event!





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