The Geography and Sustainable Planning curriculum at GVSU integrates the natural and social sciences and geospatial technologies and offers students strong analytical and problem solving skills. Geography and Sustainable Planning areas offer a wide range of opportunities to people with various interests and talents focusing on finding real solutions to complex environmental, economic and social problems and issues (such as food and water security, sustainable economic growth, environmental justice, climate change adaptations, etc.). Geographers and planners use many tools and techniques in their work, and geographic technologies are increasingly important for understanding our complex world. They include Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and computer cartography.

Our flexible interdisciplinary programs provide courses of study focused on the environment and sustainable development, urban and regional planning, geospatial technologies (cartography, satellite remote sensing, and GIS), and global and regional analysis.

The Geography and Sustainable Planning Department offers the following programs:

- A major in Geography (B.S. and B.A.) with flexible concentrations in environmental geography, urban planning, geospatial technologies, and regional analysis.

- A minor in Urban and Regional Planning

- A minor in Geographical Techniques (GIS and remote sensing)

- A minor in Geography - Teacher Certification

- A certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology

- A certificate in Sustainable Urban and Regional Planning

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Midwest Sustainability Conference

Midwest Sustainable Conference Details: 

The 4th Annual Midwest Sustainable Conference is occurring February 19th – 21st in Grand Rapids, MI.  It hosted by USGBC Students at the Grand Rapids Community College and assisted by USGBC West Michigan Regional Chapter. 


OPEN TO ALL, but especially those interested in sustainability, building practices and sustainable leadership.  Past attendees included: Students, emerging professionals, professionals in the A/E industry, college faculty, and others in building related industries. 

This year’s conference theme of “Restorative & Regenerative” will focus on projects that are Net Positive & have a healthy impact on the people who live/work/play in them. It will also premiere the ADVANCE Institute by USGBC to train 20-30 ambassadors to help organizations such as non-profits create & operate more sustainable. One must apply to be accepted.

Please visit here for more information.


Public Transportation & Universities Conference

The 2016 Public Transportation & Universities Conference is scheduled for April 16 - 19, 2016, at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, 187 Monroe Avenue NW, Grand Rapids, MI.    

About This Conference

This biennial conference delves deep into the unique needs of university communities and the populations they serve. The program covers topics such as universal access, land use development, and much more. This is a can’t miss conference. Read more.

Who should attend: university/community transportation professionals, university officials, faculty and students, planners, and businesses supporting these services


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