English Courses

Only want to take one class with a focus on sustainability rather than a minor or major? You can still take a variety of courses within the curriculum that also count towards General Education Credit, Issues credit, or may be required within your major.

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ENG 382 - SWS Nature Writing

Focuses on the literature that deals with the relationship between human beings and the natural world. Includes literary non- fiction, nature poetry, environmental fiction, and other forms of literature that illuminate both human and non-human nature. In addition to writing analytical papers, students will try several forms of nature writing. Fulfills one of the Issues requirements. Offered fall and winter semesters. Prerequisite: WRT 150. 3 cr

ENG 261 - Foundations of Language study

An introduction to the principles of linguistics and linguistic analysis, with a focus on the structure and use of English. Coverage includes phonology, morphology, syntax, descriptive and prescriptive grammar, language history, and language variation.
Prerequisite for 300/400-level English courses in applied linguistics. Offered fall and winter semester. 3.000 Credit hours

ENG 364 - Sociolinguistics

Study of sociolinguistic theories investigating the interaction of language and society. An examination of the social and cultural aspects of language and language use: social stratification, power, gender, race, ethnicity, class, geographic origins, and
networks. Offered fall semester. Prerequisites: ENG 261. 3.000 Credit hours

ENG 664 - Sociolinguistics and Language Teaching

Introduction to major concepts, theories, findings, and research methods in sociolinguistics as they relate to second and foreign language teaching. Topics include language variation and change; standards, attitudes, and ideologies; world English; language policy and planning; identity; and socialization. Focus on implications for teaching English in domestic and international contexts. Offered winter semester. Prerequisite: ENG 667. 3.000 Credit hours

ENG 665 - Second Language Acquisition 

An examination of the major theories of second language acquisition and various factors that influence the learning process among different age groups of learners from different first language backgrounds. The relationship between SLA research and
its pedagogical implications for teachers is also addressed. Offered winter semester. Prerequisite: ENG 667.
3.000 Credit hours

ENG 670 - World Englishes: History and Variation

Examination of the external and internal history of the English language from Old English to present day English with emphasis on the development, change, and variation of regional and social varieties of World Englishes. Includes linguistic and textual analyses of corpora, social media, dictionaries, grammars, and other resources. Offered every other year. 

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