Zero Waste Football Games

Grand Valley participates in Zero Waste Football Games, an annual event every football season that strives to have as little landfill waste as possible at each game. If you are an individual or student organization interested in volunteering at one of our Zero Waste Football Games, please fill out the form below. 

2023 Zero Waste Football Game Volunteer Form

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2023 Zero Waste Football Game Volunteer Form

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Zero Waste Volunteers

What to Expect

Here is information about volunteering for the game. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We will also go over it with everyone at the pre-game training.

  • Please arrive about 30-45 minutes prior to game (6:15-6:30pm for 7:00pm start, 2:15-2:30pm for 3pm start, 12:15-12:30pm for 1pm start) so we can do a quick training. Volunteers will collect their badges at this time. The badges have a cheat sheet inside, as well as their concession stand voucher. These badges will get you in and out of the game, so no need to get any tickets.
  • At the meeting time, meet in Lot B on the West side of the old Ravines community center (it is the only building still standing in that lot – it’s tan with a brown roof, labeled RAC on the map below). We will do a quick training at the meeting time and everyone can also meet our Facilities Services partner for the afternoon. This will be helpful in case volunteers need to flag them down for anything (extra gloves, bags, general questions, etc.).
  • Please be advised to dress appropriately for weather.
  • We do not have a guaranteed safe space for personal belongings, so only bring items that you are willing to keep with you for the entirety of the game.  Please note there is a new policy for bags:  Clear Bag Policy - Grand Valley State University Athletics ( 
  • The main task is to stay at the waste station and help educate visitors on where to place their trash (in the compost, landfill, or recycle bins). Some people just are not interested which is okay, so there may need to be some minor sorting done at each station (gloves are provided).
  • After the game is over, all volunteers will go through the stands and collect any remaining landfill or recycling items (we have separate bags for these) and we leave the compostable items (we will explain this more on game day). This usually takes 30-45 minutes with all hands-on deck.
  • Once the stands are complete, we will head to our initial meeting point to weigh the waste we have sorted from the game. This should take about 30 minutes (but ideally, we will be able to start this during the game and will be all caught up by the time the stands are cleared).  Volunteers are welcome to stay for this portion if they are curious to learn more about the zero waste numbers, but are not obligated to stay.
Map of Football Center/Stadium

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