Scholarships & Funding

Throughout the year, many different types of funds become available for use towards sustainable projects and proposals. Some of these funds can be awarded to either student, faculty or staff members in the form of scholarships, grants or loans. See the full list below.

Nichols Sustainability Scholarship Fund
DUE MARCH 1, 2019
Established by Nichols Corporation in 2006 to encourage students to get involved with ongoing campus and community sustainability efforts and reward students who commit to making a difference when it comes to environmental, social and fiscal responsibility.... learn more about the Nichols Sustainability Scholarship Fund

Sustainable Agriculture Place-Based Project Grants
The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship welcomes proposals from faculty across the university who wish to collaborate with students to study or contribute to the systems in place at the Sustainable Agriculture Project (SAP). Funding of up to $6000 is available annually... learn more about the Sustainable Agriculture Place-Based Project Grants

Steiner Fellowship 
Students who receive these fellowships are expected to work on their projects approximately 12 weeks (400 hours) in the spring/summer. S3 provides the following support for scholars and mentors: $4,000 Student Stipend; $3,000 Faculty Stipend (any or all can be transferred to project supplies); $750 Project Supplies.  Total Award = $7,750.  Applications will be open November 1, 2018 - January 25, 2019.

Any GVSU student with an interdisciplinary research project in the areas described below is eligible to apply. Students must have a faculty mentor who understands interdisciplinary research methods and knowledge. Please encourage students who may be interested to apply here.

Full description here. 

“Youth for the UN Sustainable Development Goals” Scholarship Opportunities 
Peace Boat US is a non-profit organization that works to build a culture of peace around the world by connecting people across borders and creating opportunities for learning, activism and cooperation with the United Nations to work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Peace Boat US is excited to announce our upcoming 2018 Spring and Summer Programs and our "Youth for the SDGs Scholarship" for these two voyages. The Spring Program will take place onboard the Peace Boat traveling to Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam to learn about the UN SDGs in an experiential study program "Sailing for Sustainability in Asia," from April 2-20, 2018 during Peace Boat's 97th Voyage. The Summer Program, "Peace Education and the SDGs in Latin America" will travel to Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica with the Peace Boat to learn about the UN SDGs in this region, from July 20-August 3, 2018 during Peace Boat's 98th Voyage. Please click on the titles above for more information on the programs, registration process and scholarship application. The scholarship is open to candidates between the ages of 18-30 who are engaged in SDG related activities.

Dave Feenstra Sustainable Agriculture Project Fund
The purpose of the fund is to honor Dave’s legacy by providing financial support for a “lead intern” at the Sustainable Agriculture Project who exemplifies Dave’s natural leadership and mentorship skills.  The awardee will be named the “Dave Feenstra Sustainable Agriculture Intern Leader.”

Sustainability Reinvestment Fund
Established in 2010, funds will be used in the form of mini grants and/or mini loans by faculty, staff and students for sustainable development projects both on campus and in the community.... learn more about the Sustainability Reinvestment Fund




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