Sustainability Champions

Student, Staff, and Community Awards

Nichols Sustainability Scholarship 

This scholarship was created in 2006 to reward students who commit to making a difference when it comes to environmental, social and fiscal responsibility, and can demonstrate Nichols' commitment to sustainability.

2023 Winners:

Katherine Carron

Luis Fernandez

2022 Winners:

  • Sarah Laurenz 
  • Alaina Hogan


Dave Feenstra Scholarship

The purpose of the fund is to honor Dave’s legacy by providing financial support for a “lead intern” at the Sustainable Agriculture Project who exemplifies Dave’s natural leadership and mentorship skills. 

2023 Winner:

Vivian Gaskin

2022 Winner:

  • Wyatt Thorndill


Sustainability Champions Award

Sustainability Champions are individuals who, by practice and belief, support the ideals of sustainable practice and using a triple bottom-line approach to problems and issues. The champions have demonstrated that they support both in word and deed, and can be looked to as leaders in sustainability.

2023 Award Winners

Student Award Winners

  • Jolene Bonner
  • Paige Chism
  • Kaitlin Escobar
  • Emily Fredricks
  • Eryn Hyma
  • Natalie Lambert
  • Jaylen Matthews
  • Allie Messer
  • Alexis Phillips
  • Eden Slavsky
  • Ivy Strausberg
  • Grant Winenger
  • Hannah Zylman
  • Quoc-Khanh Nguyen
  • Kaytlin Poynter

Faculty/Staff Winners

  • Allysa Babcock
  • Marcia Frobish
  • Lariesha Lee
  • Anthony Meyer
  • Crystal Scott-Tunstall
  • Max Spitzer
  • Ed Wierzbicki

Community Member Winners

  • Carlos Calderon
  • Rose Spikler
  • Wesley Watson
  • Katelyn Kikstra
  • Kristin Davis

Group/Organization Winners

  • Blandford Farm
  • GVSU Energy Managers
  • HOPE Gardens
  • Kent County Food Council
  • New City Neighbors
  • Organicycle
  • White River Beach Association

2022 Award Winners

Student Award Winners

  • Jade Phillips
  • Macey Mikesell
  • Sarah Laurenz
  • Hannah Bacon
  • Abby Machiela
  • Jozie Hulst
  • Lucas Gomes
  • Keasha Cargill
  • Anna Biggs
  • Harold Thommen
  • Jacob Torok
  • Molly Tracy
  • Delane Matthysse
  • Zoe Louis

Faculty/Staff Award Winners

  • David Sinn
  • Amanda Buday
  • Christina Hipshier

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