Chemistry Courses

Only want to take one class with a focus on sustainability rather than a minor or major? You can still take a variety of courses within the curriculum that also count towards General Education Credit, Issues credit, or may be required within your major.

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CHM 102 - Chemistry and Society

A survey of some of the many ways in which chemistry is involved with people’s day-to-day existence.

CHM 111 - Introduction to Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry, also known as sustainable chemistry, is the design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances. The course presents basic concepts of green chemistry and engineering. It is not applicable for chemistry majors or minors. Fulfills Foundation - Physical Sciences. 3 cr.

CHM 311 - Green Chemistry and Industrial Processes

Green Chemistry is the design of chemicals and processes while eliminating the use and generation of hazardous substances. Focuses on green chemistry principles and their industrial applications: global perspectives on green chemistry performed in industrial settings with no negative environmental consequences and increased benefits to humans and the earth.

CHM 427 - Green and Environment Chemistry Laboratory

Students are exposed to the methods used in environmental chemistry analysis and the application of green chemistry principles, benign design, life cycle analysis through experimental design, practical aspects of environmental, and human health issues. A solid understanding of methodology used in environmental laboratories and application of green chemistry is attained. Course offered winter semester. Prerequisites: CHM 221; CHM 241, or CHM 245 and CHM 246.

CHM 442 - Synthetic Polymers: Life Cycle and Emerging Sustainable Technologies

Synthetic and analytical approaches to polymer and materials development using the principles of green chemistry. Coverage of how chemists incorporate principles of green chemistry and sustainable technologies into their workflow to assess the life cycles of polymers and materials. Three hours of lecture per week. Offered winter semester of even-numbered years. Prerequisite: CHM 242 or CHM 247

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