Sustainable City and Regional Planning Certificate

Coordinator: Dr. Wagendorp, AICP, GISP.
Telephone: 616.331.8672 Office Coordinator: Ms. Amanda Reader Telephone: 616.331-3065 Email:

This 12 credit hour (minimum) Certificate in Sustainable City and Regional Planning provides students with a foundational knowledge of sustainability in planning and land use issues. This certificate can be completed in three semesters.

Career Opportunities

A Certificate in Sustainable City and Regional Planning will augment career opportunities in public, private, and nonprofit planning organizations and agencies. The Certificate can also strengthen studies in Public Administration, Civil Engineering, Finance, Business, Urban Sociology, Economics, Resource Management, and Social Work.

Public agencies (village, city, township, and county), planning offices, district planning offices, state transportation departments (MDOT), county road commissions, park and recreation organizations, neighborhood associations, federal offices, private architecture and planning establishments, utility companies, and many other types of organizations seek and employ graduates with formal training in Sustainable City and Regional Planning.

Requirements for a Certificate in Sustainable City and Regional Planning

Students who seek the Certificate in Sustainable City and Regional Planning are required to complete four of the five courses courses listed below.

  • GPY 309 Introduction to City and Regional Planning. 3 credits.
  • GPY 310 Land Use Planning. 3 credits.
  • GPY 312/ENS 312 Environmental Planning. 3 credits.
  • GPY 410/ENS 410 Landscape Analysis. 3 credits. (Prerequisite: GPY 100, GEO 111, or BIO 105).
  • SS 324 Urbanization. 3 credits.

Completion of the certificate program will be noted on the student's transcript as well as by a formal certificate. Each student must apply for certification. The GVSU Records Office and your Geography and Planning advisor conducts the certification audit. A certification form must be completed and presented to the GVSU Records office before graduation.

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Wagendorp.