Campus Sustainability Advisory Council

The GVSU Campus Sustainability Advisory Council (CSAC) was formed in 2014, and is made up of 25 faculty and staff members including representatives from all eight colleges and a wide variety of units and divisions.  The CSAC focuses on planning and advancing sustainability as a campus-wide goal and value at GVSU. 

Chris Plouff, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Norman Christopher, Executive Director of the Office of Sustainability Practices, serve as co-chairs. Jim Bachmeier, Strategic Initiatives, serves as an administrative liaison.  

The preliminary charter of the CSAC is to provide support and direction for:

  • Developing  a vision for the Office of Sustainability Practices that is more student focused where GVSU campuses are seen as learning laboratories for GVSU students and community members
  • Establishing a sustainable lifestyle on campus that is embraced in the everyday work of faculty, staff, and students
  • Promoting university-wide communications, coordination, and planning of sustainability related programs and activities
  • Integrating sustainability programs and activities into the new University 2016-2021 Strategic Plan



The CSAC is made up of 10 specific workgroup areas, which meet throughout the year.  The full Council meets on a quarterly basis for updates and reports.

Workgroup Leaders:

Building/Landscaping               Scott Whisler

Community Engagement         Travus Burton     

Energy/Water Management     Terry Pahl

ESD                                          Elena Lioubimtseva

Finance/Purchasing                  Kim Patrick

Food Systems                          Doug Wentworth

Health/Wellness                        Lindsey DesArmo

Student Affairs                          Eric Stevens

Transportation                           Chris Swank

Waste Management                  Janet Aubil