Green Event Certification

Grand Valley State University hosts hundreds of events every year. By making it a goal to be ecofriendly when planning your next event by following the guidelines of this checklist, you can help to make sure we are minimizing our environmental impact and keeping our university green!

Each task that you check off will be equal to one point towards your certification. For your event to be considered a green event, you must receive a minimum of 12 points. After you have filled out the information on this form, please forward a copy of it along with any additional information about you event to the Office of Sustainability Practices via email at [email protected] to receive your certification.

If it is found that your event meets the guidelines to be considered a Certified Green Event, you will be provided with access to a special logo that can be used on your events advertisements that let the community know you are committed to sustainability!




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Page last modified January 24, 2023