Independent Study

The options and opportunities for independent study projects are virtually limitless. Students would go through the independent study process when they are receiving credit for a GVSU course and not receiving an official transcript from their host organization abroad. The Padnos International Center (PIC) has established a set of guidelines to follow in planning your independent study abroad experience. 

Independent study abroad may include but not limited to the following:

  1. Service learning programs 
  2. Independent study courses
  3. Research projects
  4. Internship and work abroad
  5. Volunteer abroad
  6. Student Teaching (COST Program)
  7. Practicum placements

PLEASE NOTE: If you are receiving credit from another university, apply for a External program. 

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 6 weeks prior to program. Students must apply on OASIS: 


Application Tips

  • If there is not a host university involved with your independent study, list the title of your specific project or program
  • If the provider you are using doesn’t not appear on the dropdown list, please contact Rebecca Morrissey at

Additional Information

Independent Study Guide & Checklist 

If you are unsure if your selected program is considered independent study, please Contact Us 

If you are conducting research abroad, please view the information on the Research Protections Program