Program Fee Deferment


Are you planning to use financial aid to help cover the cost of your study abroad program fees?

Are you expected to pay your program fees to your program prior to the date you will receive your financial aid?

If you indicate “yes” to both of these questions, you are eligible to request a Program Fee Deferment.

PIC can prepare a letter on your behalf verifying the amount of financial aid you are guaranteed to receive and the date you will receive those funds. We will ask your program to push back your payment deadline until the financial aid funds are available to you. It is then up to you to follow-up with your program regarding your payment deadline and complete any other forms required by your program to defer payment.

PIC requires a minimum of 2 weeks to process this request. Please plan accordingly.


How to Request a Program Fee Deferment

You can request a program fee deferment by contacting Ehren Kuzekov [email protected] and providing:

  1. The name of your study abroad provider/program
  2. The name and email address of the contact person who will receive the deferment request
  3. The payment due date

Please note: If you have not applied for or accepted your financial aid, we cannot request deferment of your payment. We also cannot request deferment of payment if you have not completed the Expense Form and Financial Aid Agreement.

In most cases, your program sponsor will require a "good faith payment" before they process the program fee deferment request. This means that they will require you to pay a portion of the program fee, but will defer the majority of the balance due until your financial aid is made available to you. It will be your responsibility to follow-up with your program to make sure that no other paperwork is required in order to finalize the program fee deferment request.


The Padnos International Center CAN request a deferment of study abroad program fees. PIC CANNOT request a deferment of any deposits you are required to pay upfront.


Page last modified May 4, 2021