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September 1

A completed GVSU study abroad application is required for students to be eligible for the Study Abroad Grant.

Students who do not have a completed application by this deadline will not be considered for the Study Abroad Grant.

September - December

Attend one of the required Pre-Departure Orientation sessions.

Students who choose not to attend one of the regularly scheduled required orientations will forfeit eligibility for the study abroad grant and will not receive a refund of the application deposit. 

November 1

Deadline to register for IS 380.

Deadline to request health insurance exemption.

- submit Medical Insurance Coverage (in GVSU study abroad application portal)

If you are unable to meet this deadline, contact Jamie Pleyte at [email protected]

Students must register for IS 380 in MyBanner. Visit the IS 380 Registration page for detailed instructions (Graduate students must register for IS 680).

Students meeting the requirements can request an exemption from the GVSU health insurance.

November 1

-Submit your completed Financial Aid Student Agreement

-Submit your study abroad expense form 

The Financial Aid Student Agreement will be sent to you via email along with your GVSU study abroad acceptance materials. Your expense form can be found in VIA TRM under your Pre-Departure Forms.

Early December

Payment deadline:

IS 380 course fee

ALL students will pay the IS 380 course fee.

December 1

Submit these forms to PIC:

- Health Information (in GVSU study abroad application portal)

- Submit a copy of your passport information page (in GVSU study abroad application portal)

- Flight information (in GVSU study abroad application portal)

Students who do not submit the required documents by the deadline will not receive a refund of the application deposit. Students who are unable to meet this deadline should notify Jamie Pleyte at [email protected]

Prior to completing your program

Study Abroad Course Approval Form (or email from the department confirming course approval)

All students must have their study abroad courses evaluated by the relevant academic department. Students who choose courses that exist on one of the pre-approved course equivalency lists, do not need to secure approval for that course. Your courses will not be transferred until we have all of the course approvals on file.

Page last modified February 13, 2024