General Education

Courses taken abroad can be used to fulfill General Education requirements.

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Note: Students may also choose to fulfill major/minor requirements while abroad. 

Global Perspectives
Global Perspectives


The General Education Global Perspectives requirement is *AUTOMATICALLY FULFILLED* when participating in ANY study abroad program and taking at least 3 credits.

The Issues Form can be:

1. Submitted electronically:
You must DOWNLOAD the form to your desktop, Fill out the form, SAVE the changes made to the document and then email the document to: along with your reflection.
If you fail to save the document to your desktop before completing, your form will be blank.

2. Submitted in person:
You must download the file and print it out and submit to The General Education Office @ 104 Lake Ontario Hall

Note: You must submit both your Issues Form and the Reflection Paper to within 60 days of your return from studying abroad. Contact the Gen-Ed office if it is past the 60 days and you plan on still submitting the form. 

Issues Abroad

Issues Form


Foundations & Cultures Form

Supplemental Writing Skills (SWS)

Supplemental Writing Skills

Note: US Diversity and Writing Foundations requirements cannot be fulfilled abroad