Returned Students

Congratulations on completing an unforgettable adventure abroad! Returning from a study abroad program is often called "Re-Entry." This is an experience that is unique to individuals who have spent a significant amount of time outside their home country. This page will provide you with a variety of resources to assist you during this adjustment period.

Share Your Story

Share your experience and inspire other students to Study Abroad! You can share photos, video, writing, and more or volunteer at events and presentations.

Share Your Story

Share Your Story

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Academic Credit

PLEASE NOTE: This information only applies to students who participated in a Partnership or External program. 

Often times, students will not see study abroad credits posted to their GVSU record immediately after they return and may see an “X” for IS 380 for the semester(s) they were abroad.  We are as eager as you to change your record to reflect the courses that you completed abroad.  In order to do so, we must have an official transcript from your program sponsor and course approvals from the relevant academic department.  PIC offers a list of department contacts on our website:

Department Contact

If you wish to fulfill your Issues requirement, please review the following information Issues - General Education

It usually takes several months after the end of your semester for GVSU to receive your transcript. If at any time, you wish to inquire about the status of your study abroad credits, you can contact  

     Ehren Kuzekov

     (616) 331-3898

Returnee Resources

The process of returning home from a study abroad program can be challenging. Most students experience a transition as they re-adjust to life at home. We have compiled a few articles that may be helpful to you as you navigate this process:

How to End Your Study Abroad Experience on the Right Foot

10 Tips for When You're Feeling Depressed After Studying Abroad

Coming Home from Studying Abroad

Re-Entry Blog from Small Planet Studio

Effective Marketing of Your Study Abroad Experience to Employers

Bringing Together the World (BTW)

We highly encourage all students who have studied abroad to consider joining Bringing Together the World. BTW is a Grand Valley student organization. Members are international students, past study abroad participants and anyone interested in global topics. BTW aims to get GVSU students involved in the international community, both locally and globally. 

Members are involved in several projects including:

  • Intercultural Festival
  • International Student Welcome and Orientation (PEEPS)
  • International Education Week
  • Community outreach 
  • Other social and professional events

Join BTW on LakerLink to receive updates on meetings & events!  

For more information contact

     Alissa Lane

Bringing Together the World (BTW)


Study Abroad Alumni Association (SAAA)

As a GVSU alumnus who participated in study abroad, you are now a member of the Study Abroad Alumni Association! SAAA members are connected to a network of people that have the shared experience of studying abroad during their time at GVSU. The SAAA can help you stay connected with PIC and other SAAA members, and give you the opportunity to support and inspire a future generation of Lakers to go abroad! Look for the invitation to the annual Study Abroad Alumni Reunion! 

Join SAAA on social media!

SAAA Facebook



For more information contact

     Alissa Lane

Study Abroad Fair Volunteer

PIC sponsors a Study Abroad Fair each semester to promote overseas opportunities to the GVSU community. The success of the fair depends largely on the involvement of returned study abroad students. Share your experiences with others at our fair by volunteering to talk to students interested in study abroad!

Volunteering Contact

     Meaghann Myers-Smith



International Graduation Sash

Students that have studied abroad can purchase a study abroad sash to be worn at their commencement ceremony through Vision Wear. The sash has a symbol representing the flag of the country that you studied in.

The coupon for GVSU students is GVSU2021.

IMPORTANT: You must use your email address to activate the coupon code.

Each email address will only be allowed to make one purchase. Please be sure to order at least two weeks in advance to get the sashes delivered to your home. 

Order now:

Questions? Contact Vicki Wenger (

Peer Study Abroad Adviser Positions

The Padnos International Center has several Study Abroad Peer Advisor positions available each year. If you are interested in exploring work opportunities in our office, please contact Meaghann Smith at (616) 331-3898 or email at For students interested in becoming Peer Advisors, please click the link below to access our online application. 


Peer Advisers



If you would like to be featured in the next Study Abroad Catalog – please share your photos! You can either bring in a USB/Hard Drive to 130 LOH, or email your photos to You will need to fill out a Copyright Release Form.

For more information on sharing your experience abroad, visit Share Your Story

Update Your Resume

Your experiences abroad won't count to an employer unless the you can say how it has made you a better person, scholar, citizen, and professional. Read our guides to learn how to incorporate your study or internship abroad experience into your resume and how to communicate the importance of your international experience in an interview, at a career fair, during informational interviews, and on social media sites.

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