Electrical Adapters

Electrical Outlet Plug Adaptors

All students going abroad will need adaptors to plug in their electrical devices. The shape of electrical outlets varies from country to country and a plug adaptor allows the user to plug their electrical devices into the outlet in their destination. The type of adaptor needed will vary depending on the country or countries visited. It is possible to purchase a universal plug adaptor that can be used in multiple destinations.

Voltage Converters

Voltage converters are used to convert the voltage coming into a device that is plugged in to an electrical outlet. In the United States, the output is 120 volts but the output in many other countries can be up to 240 volts. Most modern electronic devices have voltage converters built in and it is becoming more common for personal care items like hairdryers and flat irons to have a voltage conversion switch. You can find out if your item will work without a voltage converter by checking the tag or battery pack. If it lists input from 100-240 v, it will work in any place you may travel.

It is very important that you do not attempt to plug in items that are not properly rated for the voltage intake in your country without a voltage converter. This can cause a fire and will very likely destroy your item.

Page last modified July 30, 2018