GVSU International Accident and Sickness Insurance

GVSU requires all students participating in an approved credit-bearing overseas activity to be covered under the Chubb International Insurance Plan. Accident and sickness insurance is something that most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about until it is needed, but it is a very important part of the planning process. If you have an application that has a status of Accepted, Conditional, or Completed, you will automatically be enrolled for this insurance coverage and billed through your GVSU student account.

Why is this mandatory?

The health and safety of our students is our top priority. Many insurance policies do not offer adequate coverage for international travel. Specifically, most domestic insurance plans do not offer a 24/7 international emergency assistance program. In the event of a critical incident, GVSU wants to ensure that students have access to emergency assistance and adequate insurance to cover them while they are abroad. While we understand the desire to save money, we have made it a top priority to find an affordable policy that offers a wide-range of coverage that will benefit students. Additionally, this policy offers a quarantine benefit.

Who can enroll in this plan?

Students participating in international credit-bearing programs who are registered in our application system are automatically enrolled. This policy is also available to students who are participating in GVSU supported international activities that are not-for-credit (see enrollment section for details on how to enroll). Faculty and staff who plan to travel internationally on university-related business may also enroll in this program for the same low cost. If you have questions about whether you are eligible to enroll, please contact the Padnos International Center.

Questions? Contact Ehren Kuzekov ([email protected])


If you have been accepted to study abroad through GVSU, DO NOT register for insurance through this page.

You will be automatically enrolled in the health insurance by the Padnos International Center and billed through your GVSU student account.

Chubb International Insurance Program


  • ∗∗∗If you have been accepted to study abroad through GVSU, DO NOT register for insurance through this page∗∗∗. You will be automatically enrolled in the health insurance by the Padnos International Center and billed through your GVSU student account.
  • Students participating in GVSU supported activities that are not-for-credit may register for the insurance coverage using the registration form below. A PIC staff member will review the purpose of the trip to confirm the activity is eligible for coverage prior to final registration. Personal travel is not eligible for coverage under this plan. Those who register for this insurance for university-related travel will be covered for 14 days of personal deviation before or after the official university-related travel dates.
  • If you have questions about whether your trip will be eligible for coverage, please contact Ehren Kuzekov at [email protected].
  • To register for this insurance plan, complete the registration form below.

Faculty and staff

  • This plan is optional for faculty and staff who are traveling abroad on university-related business. This policy is not available for personal travel.
  • Those who register for this insurance for university-related travel, will be covered for 14 days of personal deviation. The personal deviation coverage allows for up to 14 days of coverage at the before or after the official business-related travel dates.
  • For those who are currently covered under the GVSU high deductible plan, this plan is a great option. This plan will serve as the primary insurance and has a $0 deductible. The GVSU insurance plan would serve as co-insurance and can be used to supplement the Chubb policy.
  • Faculty and staff will be required to make payment for the policy at the time of registration. Spouses and dependents who will be traveling with the faculty or staff member are eligible for coverage and should register using the form below.
  • To register for this insurance plan, complete this registration form.

GVSU Travel Insurance Registration Form

Students, faculty & staff can use the above form to register to the GVSU Travel Insurance program. Please do not complete this registration if you already have an accepted, conditional, or completed OASIS application on file with the Padnos International Center.

NOTE: This is specifically for University-related travel.

The cost of coverage is $1.91 per day. Our policy renews each year on January 1. Rate changes may apply.

Here is an example of what the cost would be based on the amount of time abroad:

# of Days Abroad


  • 14 Days/ 2 weeks - $26.74
  • 30 Days/ 4 weeks - $57.30
  • 45 Days/ 6 weeks - $85.95
  • 60 Days/ 2 months - $114.60
  • 90 Days/ 3 months - $171.90
  • 100 Days - $191.00
  • 120 Days/ 4 months - $229.20
  • 150 Days/ 5 months - $286.50
  • 240 Days/ 8 months - $458.40
  • 270 Days/ 9 months - $515.70
  • 300 Days/ 10 Months - $573.00

Chubb Schedule of Benefits (July 1, 2021 – December 31, 2022)
Chubb Claims Form *Claims must be submitted within 90 days of date of injury or first treatment of sickness.
Letter of Verification

What should I do prior to departure?

1. Review the Chubb International Travel Insurance Brochure (pay close attention to the exclusions)
2. Verify your dates of travel (not required for faculty-led programs or those who register for this plan independently)
3. Print the International SOS Membership ID card and save an electronic version on your mobile device.
4. Register with International SOS and download the app 
5. Save all bills and receipts if you pay directly for medical treatment. Receipts will be required when you submit a Claim Form for reimbursement. If you have the ability to contact International SOS before seeking medical care, they can arrange for pre-payment of medical services and will automatically bill the Chubb Insurance.

Letter of Verification of insurance coverage

EXCLUSIONS include, but are not limited to: self-inflicted injuries, off-road motorcycling, scuba diving, jet, snow or water-skiing, mountain climbing where ropes and guides are used, ski-diving, bungee jumping, white water rafting, surfing, parasailing, automobile racing, spelunking, routine physical, routine dental, cosmetic surgery, war or any act of war whether declared or not, commission of, or attempt to commit a felony, or piloting or serving as a crewmember for any aircraft. CAREFULLY READ the full policy to be informed of all exclusions.

GVSU will consider appeals to be exempt from the requirement to purchase policy on a case-by-case basis. Only students participating in external programs where an international travel insurance policy is already included in the program fee may be eligible to request an exemption.

Minimum requirement that all policies must meet:

  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Coverage of pre-existing conditions
  • Accident and sickness coverage of $250,000 or more
  • Less than $100 deductible
  • Mental health coverage
  • Emergency evacuation $250,000 or higher
  • Security evacuation $50,000 or higher
  • Repatriation of remains $100,000 or higher
  • Emergency family reunion $5000 or higher
  • Accidental death and dismemberment $10,000 or higher

Policies that do not meet the above coverage limits will not be approved. GVSU has reviewed insurance plans offered by popular study abroad providers. View Provider Program Exemptions for the list of programs that are pre-approved for an exemption. NOTE: Even if a program is pre-approved, students still must complete the appeal process to secure an exemption of the GVSU insurance coverage.

All students seeking an exemption of the GVSU International Insurance Plan must submit an appeal:

Exemption Request Form - GVSU Travel Insurance


Complete this form to request an exemption of the GVSU mandatory accident and sickness insurance program with 24/7 travel assistance through Gallagher Global Assistance. Students who receive accident and sickness insurance coverage as part of their study abroad program fees may apply for an exemption from purchasing the mandatory policy through GVSU. Not all policies will receive approval for an exemption. 

Beginning August 1, 2022 GVSU will be contracted with International SOS (ISOS) as our 24/7 Travel Assistance Services 

While abroad, ISOS Travel Assistance Services will help:


From minor health concerns to major medical incidents, you have access to a wide range of medical services across the globe:

  • Pre-trip information on travel health issues and information on required immunizations
  • Emergency and routine medical advice
  • Locate a qualified health care provider for medical or dental referrals
  • Inpatient admission and identification of receiving physician
  • Multilingual assistance coordinators and medical professionals
  • Prescription support
  • Outpatient referrals for minor medical concerns
  • Coordination with Chubb insurance for claims assistance
  • Coordination of communication to loved ones in the event of an incident
  • Pre-trip: ISOS can help research doctors that can prescribe a specific medication in the host country, and research any restrictions on bringing medication into the host country.
  • During travel: ISOS can help find a physician who can provide a prescription in-country. If a prescription is banned from the host country, ISOS can help identify a legal alternative.
  • Coordinate medical evacuation or repatriation


  • Country specific reports that will make you a more informed traveler
  • Security and Travel information on 850 cities and 239 countries
  • Immediate help and advice from security experts by phone or chat during a security incident
  • Timely email alerts and guidance in response to significant travel security incident
  • Coordination of debrief and counseling following a security incident
  • Coordination of communication to loved ones in the event of an incident


  • Translations and interpreters available as needed
  • Support and advice in the event of lost documentation

The International SOS works closely with their client schools to support travelers. When you call one of the telephone numbers below you will be greeted by the ISOS team and you will be connected to the appropriate expert best suited to handle your question or concern. 

Contact ISOS 24/7 Travel Assistance by calling a dedicated line for GVSU students, faculty and staff.

Dedicated line: +1 (215) 942-8478 

Download the ISOS app. Before you travel outside your home country, you should prepare yourself by logging onto the ISOS website where you can sign up for health and security email alerts or review country specific reports that will make you an informed traveler.

1. Visit www.internationalsos.com and go to the Travel Intelligence Portal.

2. Enter the Subscriber listed on the membership card.

3. Review the FAQ's:

          FAQ's for Faculty, Staff and Students

          FAQ's for Parents

While abroad, ISOS will help locate a qualified health care provider, arrange for you to receive a prescription or simply answer any general medical or security concern you may have so you get quality medical care and advice.

In an emergency, ISOS can ensure that you get immediate care whether it requires evacuating you to a center of medical excellence or closely monitoring your condition with local doctors. Keep in mind that ISOS can also take care of all the details associated with your situation such as making travel arrangements for family members so you can focus on getting better

    Payment for Medical Services

    Many hospitals or medical centers may require payment at the time of service. If you are hospitalized or wish to schedule a doctor’s appointment ahead of time, please contact ISOS so that they may contact the hospital on your behalf and try to arrange for direct payment to the hospital.

    GVSU recommends that all travelers consider purchasing Cancellation & Interruption For Any Reason (CFAR/IFAR) insurance for international trips. This insurance is not offered by GVSU, but may be purchased independently. CFAR/IFAR insurance can help protect your investment in your trip in the event you need to cancel or interrupt your trip for any reason, including the threat or fear of COVID-19. There are several CFAR/IFAR insurance options available online to choose from. GVSU recommends a CFAR/IFAR insurance policy that provides at least 75% reimbursement coverage for CFAR/IFAR benefits.  

    One option for a CFAR/IFAR insurance policy that provides at least 75% reimbursement coverage for CFAR/IFAR benefits is available below. While you are free to purchase CFAR/IFAR coverage from any provider, our preferred provider is through Travel Insured International. You can view their offerings on the Gallagher website. The information below is specific to the CFAR/IFAR insurance option listed on the hyperlink above. GVSU has vetted the option above through our broker, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., as a comprehensive solution that provides 75% reimbursement for CFAR/IFAR claims.

    CFAR/IFAR insurance will cover:

    • A percentage of your program fees, housing, and flights if you cancel or interrupt your program for any reason if these expenses are non-refundable.
    • CFAR/IFAR insurance will not cover: any program fees, housing, or flights that are refunded through your program, housing, or airline as a result of a trip interruption or cancellation.

    As you consider purchasing CFAR/IFAR insurance, make sure you know the following:

    • What is and is not covered – specifically in relation to COVID-19 and pandemics since not all CFAR/IFAR insurance policies cover COVID-19 or pandemic diseases
    • Your airline’s flight cancellation refund policy
    • Your program’s cancellation and refund policies
    • The terms of your housing contract, the cost of housing, and when deposits and expenses are owed for your housing

    Gallagher CFAR/IFAR Flyer

    Gallagher CFAR/IFAR Online Enrollment Summary

    Gallagher CFAR/IFAR FAQ's

    When should I purchase CFAR/IFAR?

    Travelers must enroll themselves into this plan within 21 days of their initial non-refundable trip deposit; or within 21 days of their initial non-refundable program charge. Also, you must insure within 21 days of the deposit/payment the cost of any subsequent travel arrangements added to your trip. The traveler must insure the full prepaid, non-refundable trip cost 

    Ready to enroll in CFAR/IFAR insurance?
    For the option offered through Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., travelers must enroll in CFAR/IFAR insurance within 21 days of receiving a non-refundable bill for a coverable expense. Make sure you know when important payment due dates for your program are including any potential program deposits, program fee payments, housing deposits, and airfare payments will be made.

    Enroll here


    Contact Travel Insured International Customer Service - please let the Customer Service Representative know that you are calling from a Gallagher client school. 

    Other options:

    Please note GVSU is providing this information to help students in researching options for CFAR/IFAR coverage for those who are interested in this coverage. This is not an exhaustive list and GVSU does not endorse any of the programs listed. You are not required to purchase trip cancelation or interruption coverage. If you decide to purchase trip cancelation coverage, you are responsible for the costs of the insurance. 




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