How to Apply to Study Abroad


1. Click on 'Apply Now' from the main navigation at 

2. Login using your GVSU username and password 

3. Complete your Profile information 

4. Click ' Create New Application'

4. Select the program you wish to apply for 

5. Complete the OASIS Application (Steps listed below)

6. Click the "SUBMIT" button to finalize your application. Please note, when you click the submit button, each faculty listed under recommendations will receive an email with a link to the online recommendation form. Your application is not considered complete until both recommendation forms have been submitted. 



  • Essay Questions: Your essays will be read by PIC staff and in some cases the program faculty director. Sample Essay Questions.
  • Release of Information: You will be asked if you would like to give PIC permission to speak with a parent or other contact person(s). If you provide a contact person, we will be happy to speak with that individual if questions arise. Due to confidentiality laws, there is limited information that can be provided to your family without this written consent.
  • Faculty Recommendations: You will list (2) GVSU faculty members' names and email addresses. After finalizing your application, an email will be sent to each faculty member with a link to an online recommendation form. PLEASE NOTE : FACULTY ARE NOT ASKED TO SUBMIT A FORMAL LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION, BUT INSTEAD TO FILL OUT A SMALL ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE. Faculty Recommendation Example Form
  • $105 Deposit: All study abroad applicants pay a $105 deposit at the time of application. If you follow through with your plans for study abroad, this $100 will be refunded to you. This deposit is non-refundable if you withdraw after acceptance. 

*To withdraw from a program, follow the steps on OASIS



To find the deadline dates for the Oasis application, click here!

Page last modified March 4, 2022