Non-Traditional Students

More and more students are identifying themselves as nontraditional, and many juggle the challenges and demands of busy personal, professional, and academic lives. While there are responsibilities at home, obligations at work, and expectations in the classroom, these students are still managing to study abroad in record numbers. You can too! This site will provide resources and information to show you how, and will encourage you to join your nontraditional peers and venture out into the world.

The most popular programs for nontraditional students have traditionally been the short term faculty-led programs because they accommodate a diverse range of student needs. Over 50% of nontraditional students who studied abroad in the 2010-2011 academic year participated in a faculty-led program.

Non-traditional students are typically defined as:

  • Students who are employed full-time or have multiple jobs

  • Students who are returning to a learning environment after a 3 or more year absence

  • Students with spouses, children, or ailing parents Students with Children

  • Students over 23 years old

We welcome and encourage nontraditional students to apply for a study abroad program. We provide a variety of resources to enable students who are not on the Allendale campus to receive the same kind of advising and guidance as those who are able to visit our office regularly. The resource section will offer tips and tools to help you choose an appropriate program and navigate the application process.

Resources for Non-traditional Students
GI Bill ® and Study Abroad
Esteli Innovation


Inclusion and Study Abroad

The Padnos International Center believes Study Abroad is a profound educational experience that should be accessible to all. PIC works to support students from a variety of backgrounds, encompassing ethnicity, gender orientation and expression, socioeconomic circumstances, nontraditional students and persons with disabilities.

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