RCI is looking to help guide university research, in accordance with its mission statement: Creating a culture of ACTIVE, ENGAGED, and ETHICAL research.

The Office of Research Compliance and Integrity (RCI) at GVSU, an entity of the CENTER FOR SCHOLARLY AND CREATIVE EXCELLENCE covers a variety of programs; find information ranging from general Research Safety and Responsible Conduct of Research to specialized Human Subject or Animal Research.

Lab Safety Training

Safety Training is required for all paid employees working labs, studios, shops, and scientific fieldwork. Students in advanced courses and research staff working independently in labs should also attend training. Training is only required to be taken once, but it never hurts to have a refresher.  For workshop schedule and more information click here.

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GVSU Research Compliance and Integrity Programs

Animal Care & Use

animal research

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee oversees all research involving animal subjects. Find out more. 

RCR Training

RCR Training

Research participants are expected to perform to their highest degrees of professionalism and ethical standards.

Research Safety

research safety

Mitigate risk when conducing research. Find information on how to keep yourself, others and your environment safe. 

Human Subject Research

Human Subject Research

The Human Research Review Committee oversees all research involving human subjects. Find out more. 

Export Control

export control

Sensitive equipment, software, and technology might be subject to export control restrictions. Learn more.

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest

Learn about the impact of outside interests on research and a researcher's disclosure responsibilities. 


IRBManager is now live university-wide!!
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IRBNet submissions are no longer being accepted.

Important: Additional information about IRBManager and the roll-out process, including an instruction manual and details regarding the transfer of IRBNet data, can be found here.

Questions? Please contact rci@gvsu.edu or call 616-331-3197.

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