Veterans: Study Abroad


Below is a list of helpful resources for Veteran Students who wish to access their VA benefits for a study abroad experience. In combination with the Padnos International Center, the Veterans Network at Grand Valley will work with Veterans to interpret the benefits that Veterans can access during a study abroad summer, semester, or academic year programs! For more information regarding the Veterans Network at Grand Valley and student benefits, visit

VA Benefits Study Abroad Checklist


Step 1 Meet with Ehren Kuzekov ([email protected]) to review study abroad program criteria required by the VA.

Step 2 Attend a Study Abroad First Step Meeting or visit the Padnos International Center to learn about the various study abroad options available.

Students using VA benefits to help pay for the cost of study abroad can select from the following program options:  

  1.  GVSU Faculty-led programs
  2.  Direct enrollment in a foreign institution*

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NOTE: VA benefits cannot be applied to third-party providers.

*The overseas host university must be approved by the VA prior to participation. A list of approved universities can be found on the WEAMS Database at:   Any institution NOT approved in the WEAMS database must first be approved prior to a student’s participation. See link below for host university approval process.

Step 3 Visit the Padnos International Center to research and select a study abroad program that fits your academic, personal, and professional interests.  

Step 4  Verify benefits with your GVSU VA Certifying Official.

Step 5  APPLY for study abroad. 

Step 6  Meet with GVSU’s School Certifying Official (SCO) to review your plan. Students must provide evidence for how the selected study abroad program will help them meet degree requirements at GVSU.

Additional Resources: Post 911 Veteran's Benefits for Education Abroad

Further Guidelines to VA Benefits for Study Abroad

For direct guidelines about the use of VA (GI Bill ®) benefits, please check out the Tuition and Fees, Housing, Books and Supplies under Post-9/11 GI Bill © Study Abroad Programs

Veterans Network Contact

If you have further questions regarding your GI Bill ® benefits, please contact your GVSU VA Certifying Official in the Records Office (616) 331-3327 or via email at [email protected]

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