Academic FAQs

What credit can I fulfill abroad?

While abroad, students are able to take courses that will fulfill: 

Programs by Major

General Education Requirements

University requirements

Supplemental Writing Skills

B.A./B.S. degree cognate


What courses should I take abroad?

Login to myBanner or meet with your academic adviser to identify what courses you need to take to complete your degree. Contact the Padnos International Center for help determining which major, minor, General Education or elective credits you can take abroad. 

Who can help me choose what courses to take abroad?

Meeting with your academic adviser and/or reviewing my Path will help you identify what courses you still need to take to complete your GVSU degree. Once you have a list of requirements you still need to fulfill, you can begin figuring out what classes you should take abroad. Work with a study abroad adviser in Padnos International Center to explore study abroad programs that offer a good academic fit.

How will my credit transfer?

GVSU Faculty-led Programs
Students participating in a faculty-led program will register for GVSU courses. Students will earn a grade and courses will appear on their GVSU transcript upon completion of the program, just as it would if they were taking a course on the GVSU campus. For more information view the Faculty-led Course Equivalency Process.

GVSU Partnership or External Programs
Students participating in a partnership or external program will either register for courses that have been pre-approved or will go through a course approval process, similar to what they would do if they were transferring courses from a community college. This process involves having courses evaluated and approved by the appropriate department. Study abroad advisers can help students navigate this process. For more information view the Partnership and External Course Equivalency Process.

Internship Programs 
Contact Alissa Lane for information on credit transfer and other academic questions. 

Independent Study 

Contact Ehren Kuzekov for information on credit transfer and other academic questions. 

What courses can I take in my major/minor?

Major/Minor Advice is a resource that helps direct students to study abroad programs that are compatible with a particular major/degree program. Our goal is to create a tool that can ultimately be used to help students identify a set of study abroad programs in which they can continue to advance towards their degree at GVSU by taking courses in their major or minor. If your major or minor is not listed here, your eligibility to study abroad is in no way affected. Keep in mind that the list of programs for each major is not exhaustive, but rather a list of programs to help get you started on your search. Please feel free to utilize this tool and/or to contact us with any questions.



After talking to your academic adviser or accessing your myPath, it is now time to decide which program would fit your academic need the best, the Program Comparison Chart may be able to help you!

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