Vaccines for Travel

Vaccines may be recommended or required to travel to your study abroad destination. It can take time to schedule appointments for vaccines and some vaccines require multiple shots over a period of time. Start looking into the requirements for your destination early.

  • Visit the website for the Center for Disease Control at to find out whether immunizations are required or recommended.
  • Several countries require proof of vaccination prior to entering the country. In the event that you are required to show proof, you will need to present the International Certificate of Vaccination, a yellow booklet from the World Health Organization. This booklet contains information on what vaccines you have had and when you received them. It is available from most doctors and county health departments.
  • If you have questions or are interested in additional information on immunizations, contact your local physician, the nearest county health department, or a doctor specialized in travel medicine.
  • Please note that vaccines for travel may not be covered by your insurance or health plan and can be expensive.
  • Most routine vaccinations are available at the GVSU Family Health Center. Most other vaccines are available at the following locations. You will need to call ahead to make an appointment and find out if the vaccines you need are available.




Page last modified June 15, 2021