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The Business and Finance office has partnered with SAP Concur for all University Travel and Expense events.

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♦♦♦ NOTICE: Mileage Reimbursements changed to $0.56 per mile, effective January 1, 2021♦♦♦ 

Travel & Expense Resources

Travel Policy (SLT 6.18)
         Travel & Expense Procedure (#310)
Business and Finance Procedures 
Travel Allowance / Per Diem Rates by City / State / Zip 
Expense Types  At-A-Glance guide to allowable expenses for reimbursement and receipt requirement.
Currency Converter
Vehicle Rental Insurance Information
Faculty Travel Grants & Awards
Export Controls (Information for International Travel)

Technology Purchases May Not Be Reimbursable  GVSU Policy requires most technology purchases to be made through the Technology Supply Office.  Please see the policy for details. 


Payment Options

Preferred Travel Payment Options:

  • Pcard: Intended for use if traveling more than twice a year or spending University funds regularly.  The cardholder should be used for all purchases and travel, including meals. Click to request a Pcard   
  • Declining Balance Card: Intended for access to cash and for one time use travel and expenses when an individual does not have a Pcard or personal funds.  Click to request a Declining Balance Debit Card  
  • Personal Funds should only be used if an individual is not eligible for a Pcard. 


Cash Advances will be very rarely handed out and will need to be authorized in advance by the Business Office with reasoning as to why one of the options below are not feasible. Please contact the Travel Team if you need to request an advance.
Travel advance requests in the form of a SVDC or Cash, along with the necessary forms can be found in section 311 of the Business & Finance Procedures.  

Sample of completed Advance Request/Reimbursement forms when Expenses exceed Advance.
Sample of completed Advance Request/Reimbursement forms when you have funds remaining after trip.


Travel Expense Direct Deposit Setup Form 
Note: This is Separate from Payroll Direct Deposit
You will need to log in to the secure access page (with your network ID & password) for this form.

GVSU Travel & Reimbursement Desk
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