Motor Coach and Charter Bus Services

Motor coach and charter bus services have the potential for significant liabilities. GVSU users are required to do the following to minimize GVSU’s liability.

Contact Kip Smalligan in Procurement Services if any questions (616/331-3211 [email protected])

  1. Check the authorization of Michigan carriers
    If you are using a carrier that has business operations located in Michigan, verify they are authorized to operate by checking the Michigan Dept. of Transportation’s authorized carriers website. You can also see which of their specific vehicles are authorized.
  2. Check the safety rating of your carrier on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. See instructions below.
  3. Check that the carrier meets GVSU’s minimum insurance and risk requirements
    Below are the carriers that currently meet our requirements. If you wish to use a carrier not listed, please notify Kip Smalligan so we can determine if they meet our requirements (616/331-3211 [email protected]). 

The following carriers currently meet GVSU’s minimum insurance requirements:




Cardinal Bus

Holland, MI / Middlebury, IN


Dadds Magic Bus & Limo

Grand Rapids, MI


Dean Transportation

Lansing, MI


Escot Bus Lines

Largo, FL


Great Lakes Motor Coach

Grand Rapids, MI

USDOT# 259886

Holiday Coach Company

Coopersville, MI

USDOT# 1092034

Indian Trails

Owosso, MI

USDOT# 071986

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Safety Ratings

Check the safety rating of your carrier on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website at to ensure the carrier has a “satisfactory” rating.

  • Find the search box under the heading Check Motor Carrier Safety and Performance Data in the center left part of the page
  • Type the bus company’s full or partial name or US DOT number in the search box. If you are specific enough with the name, you can select it from the drop down menu and go to the next instruction bullet point below. If your search gives you a list of companies, select the one you want by clicking the US DOT # link along the far left side.
  • The individual carrier detail will appear. In the center section under the heading Safety Rating & OOS Rates, look for a “satisfactory” rating.

If a carrier does not have a "satisfactory" rating, send this list of questions to the company and ask them for written statements on their policies for each of the following:

  • Selection criteria for drivers
  • Frequency and types of training for drivers
  • Limits on number of hours and distance before a driver stops
  • Maintenance policy (including pre and post trip inspections)
  • Emergency protocols
  • Position regarding subcontracting for driers/business
  • Safety record
  • Proof that they meet all State and Federal licensing requirements

Send the responses to Heather Taylor in Risk Management at [email protected]. She can help you determine if the company you’d like to use is appropriate.

Page last modified January 18, 2022