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Empowering new development

Alumna is at the center of Detroit's big comeback, securing millions of dollars to transform city neighborhoods into affordable housing and restaurants.

Spring 2020|Q & A

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Paul's Predictions

Paul Isely has become somewhat of an economics guru. For nearly a decade, West Michigan employers have used his historically accurate economic findings to help guide their business decisions.

Winter 2020|Q & A

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Jodi Chycinski, associate vice president and director of admissions, discusses the process for prospective students from application to Grand Valley to enrollment.

Summer 2019|Q & A

Read article Q&A: Kevin Patterson, '04 and '05

Q&A: Kevin Patterson, '04 and '05

Kevin Patterson, '04 and '05, is a partner at BDO USA. He talks about his success and the important role Grand Valley graduates have at the accounting firm.

Winter 2019|Q & A

Read article Chemist lends expertise to communities dealing with PFAS concerns

Chemist lends expertise to communities dealing with PFAS concerns

Rick Rediske, an environmental chemist and researcher at Grand Valley's Annis Water Resources Institute, is an expert on PFAS and their characteristics.

Fall 2018|Q & A

Read article Daily puzzles

Daily puzzles

What does this mean? Is the project on track? How is my idea working? These are the types of questions Philip Batty answers during the course of a day. And, he's happy to research the answers.

Summer 2018|Q & A

Read article Thrill of the chase

Thrill of the chase

Student hunts severe storms to help improve advance warning systems

Spring 2018|Q & A

Read article Getting to know all about you ...

Getting to know all about you ...

Marcia (Knapp) Haas has served as first lady of Grand Valley for more than 11 years.

Winter 2018|Q & A