Winter 2019

The Front Porch of Nursing

Since 2014, nursing faculty members and students have partnered with GRHC to provide health screenings, health interventions and education events for residents of Adams Park and other GRHC properties.

Winter 2019|Feature

Read article Just Like Mayberry

Just Like Mayberry

Laurie Finney Beard, '81, purchased McCausland Food Market in an effort to save her hometown grocery store located in Virginia, Illinois.

Winter 2019|Feature

Read article Classics to Career

Classics to Career

Classics alumni find themselves prepared to face the challenges in the world today because those challenges are the same as those faced by ancient societies.

Winter 2019|Feature

Growing, growing, still going

The Sustainable Agriculture Project, or farm as it's often called, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year. (video)

Winter 2019|Sustainability

Read article Trustees appoint university's fifth president, first woman

Trustees appoint university's fifth president, first woman

Grand Valley's Board of Trustees announced the appointment of Philomena V. Mantella as the university's fifth president on January 22 during a special board meeting in Allendale. (video)

Winter 2019|Briefs

Read article Q&A: Kevin Patterson, '04 and '05

Q&A: Kevin Patterson, '04 and '05

Kevin Patterson, '04 and '05, is a partner at BDO USA. He talks about his success and the important role Grand Valley graduates have at the accounting firm.

Winter 2019|Q & A

Read article More than a diagnosis

More than a diagnosis

Examining a painting and discussing with classmates is a typical day in the life of students majoring in the visual arts. It was new territory for students majoring in health professions.

Winter 2019|Arts

Sentimental surroundings

President Thomas J. Haas discusses a few of his favorite office items. (video)

Winter 2019|Focal Point / Behind the Lens

Read article Trailblazers highlight Founders Day event

Trailblazers highlight Founders Day event

Seven trailblazers, including people who were among the first African Americans at Grand Valley as students or faculty members, led a Founders Day event for students.

Winter 2019|Alumni News

Read article Assisting 'Notorious R.B.G.'

Assisting 'Notorious R.B.G.'

Kimberly McKenzie, '03, is the senior judicial assistant to longtime U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Winter 2019|Alumni Feature

Read article Cooling the brain's blood flow

Cooling the brain's blood flow

An interdisciplinary team of faculty researchers are testing the effects of neck cooling devices on MS patients.

Winter 2019|Research