About Grand Valley Magazine

Established in fall 2001, Grand Valley Magazine is published triannually. The general interest magazine, in print form, is sent free of charge to members of the campus community. The digital magazine is sent to a wider audience of university constituents.

The stories that appear in Grand Valley Magazine serve as an informative and effective way to showcase the university's values through its successes. Through feature stories, campus news and engaging photographs, the magazine brings campus stories to life. Stories are written and photographs taken by staff members in the University Communications office. Staff members in University Marketing design the publication.

Story Ideas, Change Address

Have a suggestion for a story idea? Need to change your address?
Send an email to [email protected]. Phone: (616) 331-2221.

Stacie Behler in blue jacket, smiling

Stacie Behler

Vice President and Chief Public Affairs and Communications Officer

Chris Knape in blue blazer, smiling

Chris Knape

Assistant Vice President, University Communications – Media and Public Relations

Bill Cuppy in brown sweater, smiling

Bill Cuppy

Assistant Vice President, University Communications – Creative and Multimedia Services

Michele Coffill in dark shirt, smiling

Michele Coffill

Editorial Director

Jennifer Allard

Associate Vice President of Marketing and Branding
University Marketing

Josh Isaak in tan sweater, glasses, smiling

Josh Isaak

Associate Vice President of Web Development and Content Strategy

Peg West in dark blazer smiling

Peg West

Director of Digital Strategy
and Media Relations

Amanda Pitts in dark shirt, red underneath, smiling

Amanda Pitts

Senior Photographer and Contributing Photographer

Kendra Stanley-Mills in dark shirt, smiling

Kendra Stanley-Mills

Associate Director of Photography

Sarah Dudinetz in dark shirt, smiling

Sarah Dudinetz

Social Media Manager

Julianna Schrier in dark shirt, smiling

Julianna Schrier

Social Media Specialist

Corey Stamps in blue shirt, smiling

Corey Stamps

Multimedia Project Specialist

Katherine Barnard in red sweater, glasses, smiling

Katherine Barnard

Motion Graphic Designer

David LeFurge-McLeod in dark sweater, striped shirt, smiling

Dave Lefurge-McLeod

Senior Videographer

Tony Packer in light shirt smiling

Tony Packer

Associate Director
of Video and Multimedia

Alex Priebe in blue blazer, checked shirt, smiling

Alex Priebe

Alumni Editor

Ronda Huster in dark blazer, smiling

Ronda Huster

Editor and Circulation Assistant

Brian Vernellis in blue shirt, smiling

Brian Vernellis

Contributing Editor and Writer

Elizabeth Lienau in orange blazer, glasses, smiling

Elizabeth Lienau

Marketing and Advertising Project Manager

Christine O'Brien in brown shirt, glasses, smiling

Christine O'Brien

Senior Marketing and Branding Designer

Stephanie Aikens in dark shirt, dark hair, smiling

Stephanie Aikens

Senior Marketing and Branding Designer

Thomas Pikes stands outside wearing snowpants and a ski jacket, holding a snowboard

Thomas Pikes

Web Developer