Elevating Education

Grand Valley successfully instills agility, agency in our students


I hope you are enjoying your summer. Even as many students and faculty enjoy some time off, there is plenty of energy on campus as we look to build on the strong position that GVSU finds itself in. 

On July 1, I will complete my fifth year as president of GVSU. As I reflect on all that we’ve accomplished, I’m filled with pride over what we’ve built together. Our enrollment continues to trend in a positive direction as we prepare to welcome another large and diverse incoming class; we have begun adding to our exceptional faculty and staff; and we are growing the number of partnerships and collaborations with the business community, providing countless opportunities for our students to apply their classroom knowledge in real-world situations. 

Our success is not the result of one person or one idea but is the product of Lakers everywhere supporting our blending of liberal and professional education. This instills in our students agility and agency, which is preparing them for success in a future where the only constant will be continuous change.

And while we’ve had many victories, there is still much more for us to do. The Michigan of the future requires decision-makers and critical thinkers and the need for that talent inspires our continued innovation. This can be seen through things like our Blue Dot Lab, which will drive economic growth in Grand Rapids by bringing together faculty, staff, students and business partners to develop the technology and the talent needed for the modern knowledge economy.

It’s been truly an amazing experience as we’ve elevated during these past five years the education we provide. Now, we have the opportunity to amplify our efforts and raise our impact. I thank you for the support you’ve given and ask you to continue your commitment to come with us on this journey as we serve our learners and the greater good.

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