Spring 2020

Transforming education in a low-performing district

The presence of Grand Valley in Battle Creek extends far beyond its office suite on West Michigan Avenue in the city's business district.

Spring 2020|Feature

Read article Tackling Teacher Turnover

Tackling Teacher Turnover

Teacher retention within the Muskegon Heights Public School Academy System has been disheartening. The College of Education is among community partners working to change that.

Spring 2020|Feature

Read article Coronavirus cautions impact spring on campus

Coronavirus cautions impact spring on campus

President Mantella called these challenging times, and said Lakers working together will ensure essential operations continue smoothly.

Spring 2020|Feature

Read article From experiment to  excellence

From experiment to excellence

Celebrating 25 years as a pioneer in charter school education, Grand Valley authorizes 76 charter schools that serve more than 34,000 students.

Spring 2020|Feature

Scent detectives

A chemistry professor's research on essential oils helps train dogs in a growing sport.

Spring 2020|Off the Path

Read article Global baller

Global baller

Callistus Eziukwu has traveled to 13 different countries for his job. While the sights, people, food and languages vary greatly, he knows he will find one constant: basketball.

Spring 2020|Athletics

Read article The business of building people

The business of building people

Matching movement science and business courses led Kris Smith down the path to entrepreneurship, something she never thought possible.

Spring 2020|Entrepreneurship

Read article Alumni have  bright ideas

Alumni have bright ideas

80 participants learned about design thinking, a process used for creative problem solving, and how it applies to their daily work.

Spring 2020|Alumni Feature

Off-stage presence

Rising choreographer and director, with Chicago theater credits, draws lessons from his performances.

Spring 2020|Arts

Read article Empowering new development

Empowering new development

Alumna is at the center of Detroit's big comeback, securing millions of dollars to transform city neighborhoods into affordable housing and restaurants.

Spring 2020|Q & A

Read article Geology alumnus works with global team on mission to Mars

Geology alumnus works with global team on mission to Mars

James Ashley has found his dream job: a planetary scientist and deputy science operations coordinator for NASA's InSight mission.

Spring 2020|Alumni Profile

Read article Alumni leader understands importance  of building community and giving back

Alumni leader understands importance of building community and giving back

As a first-generation American, Heather Ly Zak wanted to give back to the university and community that have given her so much.

Spring 2020|Supporting Future Leaders