Summer 2018

Daily puzzles

What does this mean? Is the project on track? How is my idea working? These are the types of questions Philip Batty answers during the course of a day. And, he's happy to research the answers.

Summer 2018|Q & A

Read article Global Heights Academy Learning Gardens

Global Heights Academy Learning Gardens

Leaders at the school teamed with Big Green, a national nonprofit organization, to pilot how beneficial a learning garden is to a school and its community.

Summer 2018|Feature

Read article Peer support for homework

Peer support for homework

The Knowledge Market is staffed with trained students who are ready to help their peers with papers, research projects and presentations.

Summer 2018|Feature

Read article A silver coronation

A silver coronation

The Grand Valley Shakespeare Festival is the oldest and largest festival in Michigan celebrating the Bard's life and works. Every year, festival events attract thousands of people of all ages.

Summer 2018|Feature

Twins, multiples 'Double their Laker Effect'

Paul and Joe Lucchese bantered back and forth about who is the better looking brother. Joe said, "It's me!" But when you and your brother are identical twins, who's right?

Summer 2018|Off the Path

Read article Wrestler trains to follow mom's path to Olympic judo team

Wrestler trains to follow mom's path to Olympic judo team

For someone who got a relatively late start in wrestling, senior Harun Bogdanic took to it quickly and excelled.

Summer 2018|Athletics

Read article Move over, Mario

Move over, Mario

Each semester in Szymon Machajewski's computing course, students set out on a journey to complete missions and fight enemies, such as procrastination and trolls living under the Little Mac Bridge.

Summer 2018|Research

Read article Finding his passion and paying it forward

Finding his passion and paying it forward

After being hit by a car during his first year at Grand Valley, David Guinn dedicated himself to his studies like never before, and found a passion for law.

Summer 2018|Alumni Profile

Focal Point

The Meadows golf course has hosted 35 NCAA and high school championships since opening in 1994.

Summer 2018|Focal Point / Behind the Lens

Read article Spotlighting the arts

Spotlighting the arts

For the past 15 years, West Michigan audiences have enjoyed a series of six free events every fall at Grand Valley that celebrate the positive impact of the arts.

Summer 2018|Arts

Read article Community Outreach Week

Community Outreach Week

Community Outreach Week truly demonstrates what it means to be a Laker for a Lifetime. During the week of March 24-30, more than 700 volunteers participated.

Summer 2018|Alumni Feature

Read article Giving hearts

Giving hearts

Terry, '70, and Sandra, '68, Allen have a long history with Grand Valley and with each other. They married in 1969 after meeting as students on campus.

Summer 2018|Supporting Future Leaders