Student Engagement Approaches

The resources on this page present a variety of principles, evidence-based findings, and course design principles that address ways to engage students in their learning. Certainly, the other Teaching Resources pages on our site contain student engagement ideas, but these links and articles are worth reviewing to provide a solid foundation on which to build.

Five Tips for Fostering Learning in the Classroom presents five rather simple, straightforward ideas that bear reviewing. 

Infographic that presents student engagement in a larger context of good practices in undergraduate education.

Building Student Engagement: 15 Strategies for the College Classroom - downloadable booklet of practice strategies previously published in the Teaching Professor

Teaching for Retention in Science, Engineering, and Math Disciplines: A Guide for Faculty - evidence-based practices that apply to disciplines beyond STEM

Teaching for Cognitive Engagement - while targeted to teachers of English language learners, the content relates well to the college classroom setting.



Knight, J. K. & W. B. Wood. (2005) Teaching more by lecturing less. Cell Biol Educ, 4(4), 298-310.


How Learning Works: Seven Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching by Susan Ambrose and others, 2010


Page last modified March 30, 2018